Top 5 Television Adverts of 2012

So last year I spent some time going through all the adverts I could remember from 2011 and shared my top 5 selections with you. Hmmmm, well I think I started something that would just be totally uncool not to continue, and see how things develop over time. Don’t you think?

As always, 2012 was filled with a mind bogglingly huge selection of commercials to choose from. There was really great ones, okiesh ones, and of course the epic fails that continue to plague us through the year. The Go Compare team still fail to understand the concept of great advertising, and for yet another year we’ve been subjected to hours of some operatic twits warbles in a vain effort to convince us to partake of the offerings from Go Compare.

Compare the Market have milked Aleksander for as much as they can get out of him for a while I think, and while I loved the concept at first, their range and ideas have become rather stale and bland through 2012 in my opinion.

Cilit band continues to torture us with Barry Scott and his ludicrous claims that Cilit Bang is so powerful that it even has a turbo boost , which it advertiseses by parking a jet in a hanger with a couple of shelves of Cilit Bang around it. Turbo Power? I didn’t know jets had turbo’s!!

Of course the list of painful, dull and lifeless adverts is endless. As I have said before, I like to be wowed by a commercial. Made to think or made to chuckle. Keep it fresh, keep it relevant and entertain me. In this way, maybe I am really actually interested in checking out your product or service.

There are some companies that you expect to produce a great advert. Places like British Airways, or John Lewis. Marks and Sparks and some of the big name Corporate Brands. I think John Lewis totally missed the mark with their Christmas advert this year, which was a disappointment, and in a year when so much was going on in the UK, BA really missed an opportunity too. But even though some of the big boys on the block didn’t feature, there are some pure beauties still.

So for this year, these are a selection of the five best adverts in my opinion. I am not sure which one is the best, so there is no specific order to them.

1. E.ON Best Deal Advert

2. Pedigree Denta Stix Advert. This makes me chuckle every time.

3. The BBC 2012 Olympic Coverage Advert

4. Cartier Long Form Advert

5. Matalan Christmas Advert

Compared with last year, it was not easy to choose my top five this year, and that was not because there were too many too choose from. I guess that the lack of money is even hitting advertising budgets ey? So of the five presented, which is the best in your opinion then?


Laugh at me! I’ll Laugh at You! Simples!

A very clever marketing firm gave birth to an idea a few years ago that has started a whole new craze for the nuttiest Russian MeerKat you ever could meet. Aleksandr Orlov, founder of Compare the Meerkat dot com has been one of the most successful marketing campaigns launched by any company in the last quarter of a decade. The rather mysterious little critter who has a pronounced Russian accent for such an African animal is almost instantly likeable in that he grabs at your affections, and builds credibility with his incessant winging at how his website keeps being crashed by fools looking for cheaper car insurance.

As crazy as it seems you can almost sympathise with Aleksandr. It’s weird yet remarkably cleaver marketing on behalf of the creators of Aleksandr Orlov, and Compare the Market dot com, the company for whom the advert was created must be over the moon at the incredible success that their 2 foot high advertising guru has had. He enjoys a Facebook profile with over 500,000 fans. Not even Boris the Mayor of London has that many fans. Maybe he has a lesson or two to learn from our fury friend. Actually that probably applies to most of parliament really. Alexander has a hugely popular YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of hits, a website promoting his relations and friends in the meerkat kingdom, and even a few blooper clips.

I have to be honest, I always manage to crack a smile when I hear his distinctive voice, and get a good chuckle out of the bloopers too. But it just goes to show how a carefully thought out and well executed marketing campaign can capture the imagination of a country, and build a life all of its own. Sometimes thinking outside the box produces the best results. When it comes to telling the world why you are the best, always be willing to be a bit whacky and willing to try a whole different approach that might not necessarily sound sensible. Not everything is going to work, but sometimes that strange idea might just be the best idea you’ve had all year.

And if something makes you happy, or you get a kick out of a good advert, experience great customer services, visit a magic store and see the most amazing film, tell the whole world. We like to hear about good things. We love to share the fun and exciting stories, but even more than that, we all want to be a part of the things in life that you enjoy. What brings a smile to your world may very well pick us up off the floor on a day that without it could lead to something very different and not quite as pleasant. So share. Shout to the world about the things you love in life, and be proud to say I think this is great.

Aleksandr Orlov and Compare the Meerkat dot com! I think he is just great. 🙂