Art that Moves your Heart

It’s lovely when you find a peice of art that moves you. The feelings we draw from a peice of art are wide and varied. I often sit and think about what exactly it is that draws us to art in such a powerful way as human beings.

The most amazing thing I guess is that art emotes. We can look at a picture and feel inspired, calm, alarmed, distressed, moved to tears or brought to anger. To think that something inanimate as a still work of art can have such a powerful effect on us is quite simply amazing. There are many things that have influence over us, but I frequently marvel at how sometimes its the simplest thing that have the biggest effect on us.

I love to see talent expressed through art. I recently discovered an artist who’s work I find both amazing, and wonderful, and I’d encourage you to visit this website and look at his work and tell me for yourself what you think.

Using nothing but paper, a scalpel and his imagination Joe Bagley creates some truely stunning works of art. In the picture I have displayed he potrays a homely scene that could be typical of any holiday cabin in almost any part of the world, and for a moment when I look at this picture I am transported to my childhood and happy memories of Nyanga, a place in Zimbabwe where a scene like this would be entirely possible.

Maybe this is the magic of art, in that it triggers memories that are powerful and this is what causes the emotion to run through us. What ever it is, it is wonderful that art can influence and impress us in such a marvellous and dynamic way. If you think this work is good, please share this and spread the word about a very talented and unique artist. Thank you.

Work Review from the Grand Rapids Press:
Close inspection is also required for the most quietly fantastical work on display, “Branches.” This black cut-paper work is by Joseph Bagley of Dorchester, Mass. As if looking out a large second story window on a stark winter day, Bagley presents an extraordinary webbing of branches, large and small, in a dazzling silhouette. The technical virtuosity of a dazzling object this complex cut from a single sheet of paper is spellbinding, but ultimately the power of the work is visual. The economy of form, composition and monochrome splendor stays with you for a long, long time. – Joseph Becherer, The Grand Rapids Press

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Come on, tell me what you think. :)

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