A Very Happy New Year

As we close the doors on a tough and often trying year, may we look back at 2011, not with regret at the trials and tribulations of a turbulent year, but in fond memory of a year that taught us resilience, patience, humanity and that we can survive.

2012 arrives with the prospects of another New Beginning, a year that may be the one that changes the face of our world as we know it forever. May everything that we have learnt in our previous years bring us humility, compassion, friendship and be the source of rich blessings throughout the year.

I pray that each and every one of us remain safe, strong and enjoy good spirits. May our friendships grow stronger, our prospects look secure and our future be as exciting as any James Bond thriller, without all the shooting and drama that goes with it.

To every single person that reads my blog, I say thank you, I hope you return, share with me, and help me to better understand the world in which I live.


2 comments on “A Very Happy New Year

  1. tIMOTHY says:

    Happy New Year to you too Rob. I love reading your blog.

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