Red or Black, Tune in or Turn off???

Red or Black the much awaited new game show from Syco Productions, Simon Cowell’s successful media arm of his various businesses.

So was it all it was made out to be? Considering the amount of money that Simon has thrown into this project, I honestly found myself sitting there bored. The basis of the game is focused on Roulette, a game of pure chance in reality as is most gambling. But honestly speaking Roulette is not much of a spectator sport. Ok, some of the challenges were risky and must have cost a fortune to perform, film, insure and produce, but there was no real thrill in terms of skill or challenge for those that were participating in the game show.

Choose a red or black marker, and whichever colour was exposed as a result of the expensive action gimmicks determined whether you got through to the next round or not.

Exciting? Most certainly not! Just my own humble opinion, but for a program that held so much promise, I was expecting a little more of something like Total Wipeout or Takeshi’s Castle. Perhaps a lot more skill or challenge where competitors had to put their wits to the test against each other was what I expected. Choosing a box and seeing which colour jack in a box popped out was not really eye catching or breath taking, edge of the seat action.

Ant and Dec, while great presenters were rather dull this time around, if I’m honest. I found they kept repeating the same thing over and over as there was in reality very little else that could really be said about the game show or the ten events that selected the finalists. I had to smile when they told the finalist that he’d played an amazingly skilful game to have reached the chance to play for 1 Million pounds. The reality, he was a very lucky young man.

It was sad to see the contestants playing on the tear jerkers throughout the story. I’m so desperate to win the money to change our pitiful lives, and change the life of my mother, or daughter or my dying aunty. Maybe that comes across as really harsh, but the grim reality is that the majority of British families are hard pressed through this recession. One million pounds is going to change the life of any one of us, regardless of who we are, the circumstances we find ourselves in, and the simple reality is that no matter whom you talk to, we all have a very good reason for wanting to win that kind of money.

I lost count of the number of times I heard the question, “What would it mean to you to win £1 Million?” Every single one of the people that made it through to the chosen few joined the game show for that chance to change their life forever. God it gets a bit tired when in almost every “Reality TV” show on the box at the moment is asking the same dull question over and over again. “What would it mean to you to win the X Factor?” “What would you do with the money is you won Deal or No Deal?” “How much did you come here to win today?” The replies are repetitive, boring and out of date now. We are human beings, we are selfish beings, and we are there for one simple reason. We are greedy and want the chance to live a celebrity lifestyle.

For all the hype and excitement of a new and exciting game show, I’m sorry to say that in my own humble opinion, the program fell far short of my expectations, didn’t fulfil its chance to bring a new and dynamic edge to the “Reality TV” genre, and ultimately has been a massive waste of money. I guess time will tell how successful the show becomes, but personally I’ll be tuning into something with a bit more of a buzz to it.


Come on, tell me what you think. :)

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