The Farce of FIFA Elections

I think most of us look at FIFA with a touch of incredulity recently. How is it possible for such a powerful organisation to be constantly at the centre of a storm of allegations of crime and corruption, seemly without impunity or discipline of any kind? Were this a private company in the modern world, the serious crime unit would be in there like a shot to investigate these allegations and get to the bottom of any wrong doing.

Does an internal ethics committee have any sort of credibility when the people that you are supposedly investigating are both powerful, rich and in seemingly untouchable positions? Seb Blatter has to be possibly one of the most powerful people in sport this side of the turn of the century. Who in their right mind is really going to risk the wrath of a backlash in trying to discipline this man, or even risk running against him? It would seem anyone that does runs the very real chance of bringing their reputation and career to ruin at the hands of a man that I see as one of the most corrupt of the lot.

How is it that suspicions raised when allegations of corruptions were levelled at one member of the board are suddenly more relevant now that there is an election for the presidency of FIFA, yet when England were crying fowl play a few months ago, the very man at the centre of the storm was adamantly denying that FIFA could ever be a corrupt organisation.

How is it that now that someone dares to step from the shadows and run against the esteemed Mr Blatter, that we can now openly admit that possibly corruption does exist within the organisation? But even more importantly, how do large sums of money get paid out to a number of countries to buy votes go un-noticed by the man in charge of the organisation? You want to tell me that he doesn’t see the bank balance sheets? Are you trying to convince me that a substantial amount of money can disappear off the bank balance without the man at the helm asking some sort of questions, or is Mr Blatter suggesting that he gets paid an awful lot of money to just sit on his ample rear end doing pretty much nothing?

Organisations are run independently, and on the basis that they are self governing, however I believe that it is essential that an organisation that represents the whole world of football, that is in such an influential position, and at the centre of possibly the worlds largest sport needs to lead by example. Fiascos of this magnitude reduce the credibility of the sport and its governing body. The world’s attention fall at the feet of its leaders and when the men in charge reduce the organisation to a laughing stock before the people that make it so wealthy and powerful, its defiantly time for a change. I fail to see how Seb Blatter can even consider validating himself as a candidate for consideration for the Presidency of FIFA.

It is wrong that such a monopoly should exist within the sport in the first place. Yes FIFA does bring the world of sport together and we get the chance of watching some of the finest sport as a result of the work that FIFA does, but I think that sports in general have over the last few years lost a lot of the respect and credibility that they richly deserve over actions by the men at the top. Take the Formula One sport for example. Far too much power and money lie in the hands of a few, and the damage that the actions of such individuals can tarnish the image of the sport in far reaching ways.

Criticism is so easily laid at the feet of people like Tiger Woods, David Beckham, Ashley Cole and all the others that have fallen fowl of getting caught out bringing themselves and their chosen careers into disrepute. I truly believe that the same responsibility lies in the hands of the individuals that head up these hugely wealthy organisations. Money should not by impunity from justice. These people should be openly proactive in promoting an organisation of fairness, equality, honesty and demonstrate a diligence that is beyond reproach.

Unfortunately the world we live in is driven by greed, self gain and selfishness that on reflection falls far short of the kind of men and woman that emulates mankind as a caring, loyal and friendly species. If money and power changes you to become this type of person, then I am glad that I am just a common working class individual who hasn’t a hope in hell of becoming supremely wealthy.

I find it remarkable that Seb Blatter has not removed himself from the position which he currently holds. To have reduced FIFA to and organisation of no more than playground spats of who is in charge is shameful. True enough blame does not fall solely on his shoulders, but strong leadership beyond the mar of speculation, rumour and reproach is what earns respect. Mr Blatter certainly does not have the respect of those around him. Fear is a tool used by dictators and bullies the world over, and we have come to understand that Mr Blatter in reality does not have the good of the game nor the reputation of FIFA or the people that he represents at heart. It is my honest opinion that he should hang his head in shame and move on. It’s time for a fresh approach and young blood to energise FIFA and return a sense of pride and openness to the Sports Governing Body.


Come on, tell me what you think. :)

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