The Madeline Mystery

I noticed today that once again the Mccann family are back in the press. One has really got to ask where it’ll end as they parents of poor Madeline continue to cash in on the story of their daughters disappearance. Today’s letter to the Prime Minister begs the question, after so much time, how do they expect any difference to come of what they have already been able to discover. From what I have been able to understand, they have already poured millions into a private search and investigation that has turned up nothing substantial.

For the files to be reopened, it is not their own money that gets exhausted, but money that is already squeezed further and tighter by budget restraints. In point of fact, if an expensive enquiry was to find Madeline, that would be a fantastic result, but in a day and age when ordinary hard working people are being deprived on bobbies on the beat, and police forces are facing substantial cuts to their work force and operational budgets, I have to ask, where does yet another investigation take us?

The letter addressed to the Prime Minister asks that he not turn his back on a vulnerable British citizen. As a cold case, the police force would never have closed the file in the first place, and it has to be asked what the Portuguese authorities have not released into the public domain for fear of yet another law suite from the Mccann family. I am personally suspicious of so many of the circumstances of the case itself, that to be honest, I don’t think we’ll ever get to the bottom of the case fully.

There is no smoke without fire as the saying goes, and I am struck that the Mccan family to this day have still failed to accept responsibility for leaving their children on their own in the first place. Children are a precious gift and burden all at the same time. We are shouldered with the responsibility of their protection during their vulnerable years, and I still to this day wonder how Madeline’s parents can live with the guilt of having abandoned their daughter in her hour of need, to go and enjoy themselves in a restaurant down the road.

That in itself is criminal. Far too many parents take risks with their children, leaving them alone, leaving them to fend for themselves, and all too often you read of tragic cases of kids left to their own devices coming to harm. It is a sad fact of life that many single parents are left with little choice but to go to work and run that risk in order to survive. That is in itself dangerous, but when two people depart to enjoy time away from their children at leisure, I have to say that blame in the first instance firmly falls on their shoulders.
My mind is struck by the fact that both parents were doctors at the time of the incident, and not short of a penny or two. It would not have cost them much to organise for child care to have been sorted out at the time they were wining and dining themselves.

Why are there so many unanswered questions about the nature of that night? Circumstances unfolded in such a strange way, and there is so much speculation and rumour in the public domain surrounding the case, that it is hard to try and imagine what happened to that poor girl that night. Far too many things are left to our imagination and every time I look at the story, I am always left feeling that the finger of guilt is always left pointing in a very specific direction. That is not to say that I know who is to blame, like you and the rest of the world, we will always remain mystified until such time as new evidence is discovered.

The sad fact of this case is that it will never change things. There is no law that can be introduced, no level of protection that can be put in place to ensure that it never happens again. After a world wide trip undertaken by the parents after she initially disappeared, their trip to the pope, the world wide media appeals and everything else that has kept Madeline in the public eye all these years, if it is indeed the truth that Madeline was kidnapped, would a kidnapper really run the risk of keeping her alive to this time?

Again if it is true that she was abducted, we can understand that the parents would never stop looking, but as time goes by, the world moves on, other crimes are committed, that are just as important, just as deserving of attention, and just as hurtful and upsetting to the victims and people left behind. I would hate to be the officer or politician who has to decide when to move on and what is more or less important, who gets the full attention of the police, and who is left with so many unanswered questions.

To a large extent the world adopted Madeline. We all felt the hurt when she vanished and watched in horror as the case unfolded. I recall hearing the news that Madeline’s mother had been arrested as an official suspect in Portugal and feeling sick to think that she could have harmed her little girl. I remember watching as her mother and father toured the world looking for her wondering what it must feel like to be considered a suspect, when the truth could very well be that your daughter had been abducted. I honestly think we’d all like to get to the bottom of this case and discover the truth, but reality has to be checked, and in a somewhat simplistic approach, I ask where do we finally draw the line?

Mr Cameron I do not envy you the decision you have to make in responding to the Maccann letter. Heavy is the weight of abandoning a little girl, but it almost seems that there is little other choice until such time as new evidence comes to light. To those of us left to wonder, I say remain vigilant, watchful and maybe one day one of us will spot Madeline. To the Maccann family I’d say heavy is the loss of Madeline on your heart, and the guilt of making a bad decision must weigh heavily on your soul. I hope that one day she is found and returned and we are able to celebrate her discovery as opposed to learning the terrible news that the rumour, speculation and distressing suspicions were indeed the truth.


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