Positivity breeds Productivity

I was sitting thinking to myself the other day how fickle we are as people. We run from pillar to post trying to satisfy our craving for attention, and a sense of importance. The funny thing is all too often we leave unfulfilled or with a sense of emptiness that makes us wonder what we are doing wrong.

Personally I don’t think that we are failing in any way other than we are missing the fundamental point of life. Positivity breeds productivity. This is a fact we all know, see daily in our lives, yet forget about when it comes to applying it to our own complicated life styles.

Why do we make things so complicated? If you like someone then it’s a simple matter of attraction and without telling the other person, how are they meant to understand that we have these feelings. Yet, I speak with so many people who are unable to express their feelings, and assume that the other person must guess what it is that they are telepathically trying to express to them. Then when the other person fails to grasp what our fragile ego has failed to put into simple words, we become upset, and angry at the other persons lack of sensitivity. Strange, yes, but I bet that while your reading this you can think of at least three people whom you can apply this too.

Why do we procrastinate so? How often do you find yourself humming and ahhhhing about this or that, never quite sure what decision to make, never quite wanting to rock the boat, or be caught short in the lime light. How silly is it to stand watching the boat leaving the dock while the island we are standing on is slowly sinking? Life is a risk in almost everything we do, so why then is it that we are so averse to taking a risk or two?

How often do we let our feelings get in the way of our ability to function effectively? We become depressed and sad and have a very real lack of energy that makes us lethargic and irritable to be around. We strive for perfection in our appearance, in our friendships, in our work place. We work ourselves into the ground hoping to receive someone’s acknowledgement and recognition, when in most instances people are far too selfish to allow credit to pass them by and pass it down to the person that actually deserves it. And so we find that we are unrecognised, leading a much unfulfilled life.

This my friend is not what life is all about. How often do you start the day looking for a blessing? Ahem that seems a little presumptuous I hear you say! Why? Think about it, we are alive, breathing and awake, alert and moving. That in itself is a blessing, and so if the mere act of being alive each day that I awake is a blessing from god, then why shouldn’t I be looking for other blessings along the way?

When I find that my lunch has been made for me, and the sun is shining instead of it being cloudy and grey as I leave for work. The fact that my mom stands and waves me off each day, and I know that I have a job to go to, challenging as it may be. It may not be going according to plan, but I am working doing something that I love and slowly building experience, an existence and a reputation as a survivor. So why on earth should I not be positive about my life?

Each day I meet amazing people. Some are friends for life, others for just a season, but every one of them touches my life and has a positive impact on me, even those for whom I have no time for due to a difference of opinions. They may not be my favourite people anymore, but they have been a positive influence on my life.

The true source of happiness in life is learning to see the good in everything around us. Far too often in this world we focus in gloom at the dark and depressing elements of our world. Yes times are hard, but we are being taught to be wise and thrifty with our money and possessions. We may not be able to keep up with the Jones’, but suddenly I appreciate more the things that I do have, because I worked hard for them and they are mine.

Each day I learn a little more that I need to stop thinking about why things don’t work and understand why things do work. This is not an easy process believe you me. I have to very often remove myself from the environment I find myself and stop thinking in the ways that the world would have me think. And at time like these I find I am able to appreciate the finer things in life more.

Conversations with friends, a telephone call from a long lost acquaintance, an email from a member of the family or a smile from a stranger on the street. It is in times like this that I find myself smiling, feeling positive, and in that mental frame of mind I am able to confront any challenge and see something good in it. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am learning every day that the more I focus on being Positive the more Productive I become.

Try it, I am sure that you will find that a simple exercise once a day to think of something good about your life will make you feel better about life in that moment in time. Now if that can make you feel good for that moment, imagine how good it’ll feel to be positive about everything we do. It’s a long road to get to that stage, but one I honestly believe is well worth travelling.


6 comments on “Positivity breeds Productivity

  1. kaitlin says:

    I enjoyed reading this blog. Made me feel warm and fuzzy in a human kind of way. Its comforting to read someone elses point of veiw that corresponds with my own feelings. 🙂

  2. me says:

    Made me stare into my glass and seek out the bottom of my brandy wondering what on earth I was doing drowning my sorrows in yet another alcoholic beverage. Very True.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Very interesting post. Just wanted to comment and let u know that realy its really cool.

  4. Chriss says:

    Hi Rob
    I find what you’ve written on a few topics very interesting reading. What you say is exactly how I see things myself. The youth of Britain and positive thoughts encouraging productivity. I continue to read more of your blogs and thank you so much. I am pleased to see I am not alone in how I see life and what lies ahead of us all.

    • Rob says:

      HI Chris
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and reading my thoughts. I am glad that there are people out there that share my opinion, as afterall, that is all it is. But I do feel that there are people that see things from this side of the coin as it were, and while not everyone will agree with everything I say, its nice to here from those that do and don’t. So thanks, I appreciate your time and support. 🙂

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