Just being Yourself

I’ve learnt in many ways over the years that just being yourself is the best way to ensure happiness in life. Sometimes when you try too hard to please others you end up so miserable that life becomes intollerable. Lets be honest, not many of us take the time out in our lives to full appreciate who we are and the potential we have to achieve anything we choose to do.

Its a sad fact, and I’ve noticed in so many people that I either know personally or talk to regularly, that we spend far too much of our lives worried about what other people think about us. There is a simple truth in life that once you learn to accept, living in your own space becomes so much easier, and that is this. You are you. You cannot change who you are. You cannot change other people, so why spend so much time and effort trying to change yourself?

What is this man talking about I hear you saying. Let me explain. Consider how you feel when someone calls you fat. Consider how you feel when someone tells you that you have a nice tan. Consider how you feel when your in the shower and find a lump. Consider how you react when your in a restaurant and see a naughty kid getting away with blue murder. I could go on listing a multitude of things. Society has an acceptable level of behaviour that we all adhear to in some way or another, and this is a good thing, until it starts to rule your life. Think for a moment…every one of us knows someone who’s on a diet!

Why are they on a diet? I’ll tell you this for free, its not because they genuinely want to be starving themselves eating horrible tasting dry salad. No way. It’s because they perceive that society considers them to be over weight.

What you don’t realise is that all a diet is doing is teaching your body to crave fat cells. When you come off the diet your body is like whoa hoo, thank you, I’ll absorb even more this time so next time you do such a stupid thing I’ll have pleanty in reserve. Do it enough times and you’ll be fatter than when you ever started.

Its the same with a Tan. Someone compliments your tan, and we smile feeling good about life. Your skin on the other hand is cursing you blind. We don’t stop to consider the effects on our body, lives and those around us in making some of these crazy decisions that make us more acceptable to the world.

Now if you stop and have a good think, you’ll know that the honest truth is that much of what you can point a finger at in other people, you’ll find in yourself too. We are all human for heavens sakes. Capable of being horribly wrong, always on the make, being selfish in many respects, stupid to a degree and smart just to balance out the scales a bit.

I am always amazed at the youth. How stupidly naive they are. They live in a world where once your over that hill, you are past it and don’t matter to their walk of life anymore, yet the truth of the matter is that they are headed for that exact same hill at 90 to the dozen. There is a sad factor in todays society that means for many of our tech savey teenagers today, by the time they reach my age, they’ll be sad lonely individuals who only know how to communicate freely online. This world has taught a whole generation to hide behind a screen and be whom ever they want to be, but stop! Think!

There is only one way to really be able to say, yes I enjoy my life and get all out of it that I want to get out of it. Learn to be yourself. Don’t make excuses for who you are, the way you look, the way you talk, the campness of your personality or the nature of your laugh. I’m told that the world cannot begin to love you until you learn to love yourself. Now that is not suggesting that you become a vain creep, like you see so many people thinking. No you are not perfect. Very far from it just like me. But you are human and you are beautiful all the same. Funny, irritating, sociable, loveable, hateable. All those things that we experiance in life are part of who you are, so stop trying to fit into a mould. Your not Lady Gaga, and hell no your not Justin Beiber either. They are who they are, and became famous being who they are not copying you! So get a grip, live a little, stop worrying what the world thinks and be yourself.


Come on, tell me what you think. :)

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