The White Ribbon

The White Ribbon is a German movie that is set just before the first world war breaks out in Germany. It tells the story of a fairly quiet farming village under the rule of a land Baron who has a peasant feudal system going on the land it would seem.

The story told by the village teacher revolves around the Baron, the Steward, the Preacher and the Doctor. It tells of some strange goings on in the town, which start off with the Doctor being thrown from his horse when the horse runs into a wire trap, the Baron’s son being kidnapped and given the hiding of his life, and a retarded boy being attacked and having his eyes poked out it seems. Yet no one knows who’d done it.

Without really concentrating on any particular instance of the story, we are taken through a period of time in the life of these people in a very strange and seemingly arbitrary way. The Baron is having a hard time controlling a somewhat wayward wife who it turns out is in love with a man in Italy, the Pastor is a stern disciplinarian who’s children get some outrageously harsh punishments. The Doctor is screwing the midwife, whom he despises, and the teacher falls in love with a servant of the Baron, only to have his hopes of marriage dashed when the Baron fires her and the war breaks out.

I am not really sure what made me sit through the complete two hours of the film as it was remarkably boring, had no sense to it in any way possible, left you feeling very perplexed as to what the plot was, where the story was meant to take you and what on earth you’d remained so bored through the movie for. The film won an international film award, although I am buggered if I can understand why. Anyway, it’s certainly not one I’d recommend wasting your time watching. Not unless you really do want to waist two hours and be left feeling frustratingly confused as to why you did.


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