New Labour dies in the hands of Gordon Brown

It is with some finality and a collective sigh of relief that the nation can tonight be thankful that Gordon Brown has finally conceded that defeat in the General Election was not something he could deny in some vain attempt at being like the Robert Mugabe of Western Politics. No, he finally had to accept that the English public had spoken with no small measure to remove Gordon from power from his coveted seat of power in Downing Street and from the head of one of the most powerful nations in the world.

As an outsider, I have very defiantly been a loud and often vocal critic of Gordon Brown’s time and term in office. For three years, Gordon sat in a seat which he claimed not through a fair electoral process, but by appointment of a party whom had most certainly lost its way along the way. In that time, no other British Prime Minister has shown such a complete disregard to public opinion, the general feeling and mood of the people and the common decent thing to do when facing such appalling dislike by people on the whole.

Had the Labour Party had a little more of a back bone prior to the Election, I honestly believe that they would have had a very different turn out come polling day. Yes it is easy to sit and talk in terms of retrospect. It is easy to now play the devil’s advocate and say well if things had been a little different then yes the results would have been in Labour’s favour, but as a keen adversary of Gordon Brown’s politics I can quite comfortably sit here and say that I honestly believe that had Labour ousted the man earlier we’d still be watching a Labour Government set itself up for 5 years of power under new leadership.

Watching the deafness of Gordon Brown, and his inability to listen to the public at large, and for that matter those who had the gumption and bravery to risk a private whipping at the expense of their public calls to Mr Brown to step down as PM and Labour Leader, I have often felt ill at heart at watching his blatant disregard for the will of the people. From his monumental cock up with the 10p tax reform, to his underhanded dealing in taking us into the Euro Zone Treaty without the referendum he promised us, he completely shut himself off in his own little bubble where only Gordon knew what Gordon was doing.

It was common knowledge from early on when he had reshuffle after reshuffle in his cabinet to make way for people he’s upset or pissed off enough to resign, or anyone he suddenly decided spoke out just a little too close to the bone and was no longer an ally of Brown and someone he wanted to shut out. It was never a happy party or contented party and with so much in bickering and dark, quiet, hush hush deals taking place in the quiet halls of Whitehall, is it any wonder that the Labour party is where it is today?

You cannot bread trust among people when the very leader of the party of elected officials we have chosen to represent us the people do not trust the leader they work under themselves. You cannot expect a nation to fall in line as the ministers bullied into submission by over jealous chief whips in the corridors of Parliament have to fall in line in order to keep their jobs. Is it a democratic society when anyone who dared to speak out against Brown in government did so at the risk of their jobs? And let’s look back now at the road littered with careers of men and women who stood up to Gordon Brown. How on earth can a party with a leader with this kind of record pragmatically expect to wow the will of the people and pretend to have the best interests of the people at heart when out campaigning at the doors in their constituencies.

I’d shadow a private guess that if you sat down every single Labour MP, or their staff now that Gordon is gone, and asked them honestly what their view was, that you’d find a very different support for the man now in his absence. That is not to say that the party are eager to plant the dagger now his back has turned. Hell his party hated him from day one if the truth were to be told. Let’s not ask who was the best man for the job. Let’s not fudge the question nor the answer by looking to other reasons for why people tolerated Gordon Brown. The real truth as it comes to light in the cold light of day now, is that Gordon Brown was not just disliked internationally, but on a local scaled was despised by a great many people in power.

A vast amount of that contempt and hatred was stirred by Gordon’s inability to be humble and listen. It was Gordon’s way or the highway, and it didn’t matter who got trampled nor who got sidelined along the way. Right up to the end, when the public had their face firmly pressed up against the window screaming at the top of their voices, Gordon was unable and completely unwilling to accept that people were talking to him.

Even after the most humiliating defeat since the war, with well over 100 seats being stripped from them, and in excess of an additional 2 million votes leaving Labour this time around, Gordon still wanted to bully his way into No 10 for another six months. After their bullish insistence that the Leader of the Labour Party would not be chosen by the Lib Dem’s, he failed to realise that the people had just given him and his party the biggest two fingers in half a century. Of course the people and leaders of another party don’t choose the leader of a party, but they have a massive say in who they will and will not work with, and so a fairly rapid climbdown took effect as Gordon offered the Lib Dem’s a deal which still saw him in power for another six months. I was stunned at his arrogance as it continued to be the marking characteristic of a man who’d just shown his party how effective he was at inspiring people.

It’s unreal that the man honestly thought he could go on. The biggest turn out at the polls in a generation, a humiliating defeat for a party that romped home to victory thirteen years earlier, and a nation that were clearly saying get rid of Brown, and he assumed he still had grounds to call himself leader. Admittedly the Welsh and Scotts did not choose the Tories to lead in their neck of the woods, but let’s be honest, the Welsh and Scotts feel so hard done by the Tories after Margaret Thatcher closed their mines and took their jobs, that even if Gordon had a gun to their head while Labour MP’s poured molten tar down their throats the Celts would still vote Labour. Had there been another choice other than Labour and the Conservatives, with a real chance of being a party in power at Westminster I think you’d find that even the Celts would have given Gordon the good old heave ho.

It has been the most amazing election to watch. With one party saying that it’d never consider an alliance with another, and yet another saying that a Hung Parliament would force the parties to talk. It is ironic that the British politician who essentially is a member of the British public first and foremost, can be so out of touch with the general feeling in this country. We are the men and woman that make Britain work. We are the ones that pay taxes, read, listen and watch more closely today than ever before. We know far more about the economy and the state of affairs in the world than any of them give us credit for. We are brought up to speed faster, more comprehensibly and with far better understanding than at any other time before in the history of our world. It is about time that the power behind the wheels of government realise this fact, and begin to understand that we the people form an effective part of the process of government today. We know our mind and can deliver a verdict that will make it just as difficult for any of you to do your job, as it is for us to do the every day job of living and working under your yoke.

Lets be honest, when the Labour Party has its thinking cap on its a massive power for the will of the people in this country. What the party really needs to do now is step back and take heed of the message its just been given. We are not fools. We do not want idiots at the head of our government. We do not want spendthrift, power hungry people making decisions for us about the future for our children in this mighty land of ours. Listen to what we are saying and do what is right by the people and we’ll step in line behind you once more.

As I listened to the Brown departure on television this evening, I was saddened at his farewell. His bitter pill at the hands of the British Public was more than the man could stand. He paid tribute to the British Troops, and while I do not want to take anything from a National Defence Force I greatly respect, I did feel that once more Gordon completely missed a chance to rise up to the challenge and be a bigger man. Let’s just think about it. There is a far bigger group of people that were due consideration and mention. The British People themselves. Yes, while this is a very frustrating nation to live in at times, and it has some of the most troubling trends in social break down, crime and an uncertain future, the British People are what make this country work. In my own personal opinion, even though it was at their hands that defeat was handed to Gordon Brown on a plate, his biggest move would to have been humbly accept defeat, step aside and congratulate the British People for being the nation they are. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great nation all the same and it’s you and me that make it so.

The Labour party need to spend time getting to grass roots with the people. Take six months out and visit as many people in their homes as you possibly can. Spend fifteen minutes with each family and listen. Don’t talk, don’t even open your mouth but to introduce yourself, and listen, look and learn. You’ll know after you’ve visited 100 of us. You’ll know even more when you’ve visited 1000 of us, and but the time you’ve clocked up 1000000 of us you’ll be so in touch with the feeling of the people that your manifesto will spill off the tongues of common people as if it was written by us for us.

Re organise, re arrange your policy, recruit strong diligent people. Seek to find common ground with industry far more than commerce. Provide good sound and well thought out perks to attract the rich back to Britain. Get the health service sorted out with more staff and less managers. Put together a plan that makes Britain strong again, and we’ll put you in power for years to come. You’ve lost your way. Politics in Britain and to be fair the world over has lost sight of the fact that we are the power that elect you and it is for our greater good that you work.

This is no place for Robert Mugabe’s or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s type of politics. Vain, haughty men of power and prestige that think themselves better than the rest are a thing of yesterdays politics. We are not impressed by high class society anymore. We are not overwhelmed by people that appear to be of a better class than ourselves, and we most certainly are not won over by arrogance. Learn these lessons while you can, and be humble, profound, inspirational and have compassion. With these things you will win the support of not just a nation, but a generation. Let’s hope that after such a humiliation and defeat that the Labour party really wake up and listen to the will of the people of this remarkable land.


Come on, tell me what you think. :)

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