30 years after Independence and on!

I found it very interesting to watch a purely open and very frank description of the state of Zimbabwe through the eyes of an independent foreign journalist working for Al Jazeera. Rageh Omaar cannot be said to have a vendeta against Zimbabwe, nor can it be said that the middle east has issue with Zimbabwe’s government who recently rubbed shoulders with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. So it would be difficult for any of the hooded regime of Mugabe’s politburo to cry wolf, when it is not a report lead by western media nor can it be accused of being a white man’s point of view.

For most Zimbabwean’s I speak to, most would admit although it would be quietly behind closed doors that they have no quarrel with white people. Many would be happier to see white people more involved in economic practice in Zimbabwe. There is a general consensus that together we’d be stronger than apart. It is a sad thing that much of the world has come to realize that racism against the black man is counter productive and a thing of the past. For the majority of the world today we are just concerned about earning enough to survive, pay our mortgage, educate our children and live a fairly comfortable life. We have learnt over many years that a integrated society is far more beneficial to our state of play, productivity and general well being. We all have a part to play in society and our communities are better off when we learn to all get along. However, this is certainly not the case in Zimbabwe.

The colour of your skin is still a very relevant issue, regardless of how much poverty and destitution the country falls into. And so it is with mixed emotions that as a white Zimbabwean i watch the country slide into and out of the misery it finds itself. Part of me thinks that if this is the way they want it then let them get on with it, while part of me feels that Zimbabwe is my home, and there is no fairness to be caught on the other side of the coin suffering and struggling to survive. Mugabe would gladly through the blame for every ill in Zimbabwe at the feet of the white man, and this attitude rubs off on many of its people. However getting the chance to speak one on one with any Zimbabwean African they will tell you a totally different story, and these are the people that I feel sorry for.

So it is very interesting to me to see reports of the reality of Zimbabwe’s ill gotten gains going into the pockets of the corrupt villains that dare to call themselves leaders of Zimbabwe. Be what you may, your true colours will be known come judgement day, and on that day we’ll all stand before our ruler naked and penniless, accountable for our deeds. Take heed, your life in hell is just beginning men of Zimbabwe. Enjoy what you can while you can for eternity is a long hopeless life of misery and damnation for you and your kin.


Come on, tell me what you think. :)

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