Soap – A whole new world of Entertainment. Chamaleon

I have always been a connoisseur of great art, especially live performances. Be it theatre, poetry, live music, musical instruments, whatever it might be, great art has always been something that I yearn to with a passion. However having said that, I am quite certain that my opinion of fine art and fantastical performance is very different to what the main stream media and general public would call brilliant.

My tastes have always tended to be towards the unexpected, unique, tasteful, yet totally individual in that it is both controversial yet mystical in its production, presentation and performance. There is nothing as magnificent as coming away from a live performance that has both moved you, captivated your imagination and held you either in the grasp of its beauty or the thrill of its celebration of human ingenuity. In many of the things that I look at as art and very well thought out presentations, people will often look at me curiously and perhaps wonder what the hell my motivation is.

Let me try to explain. I love it when someone is willing to take the accepted boundaries and push them to the very limit. Maybe not in the way that most people would expect, but to perhaps increase the impact of the performance through its shear risk, design, presentation or unique ability to be totally different to anything else you’ve ever seen or thought about.

Let me give you an example. Lady GaGa. For many people a take it or leave it artist. For a young generation that thrive on the thrill of anything that is different, stands out from the crowd and sets trends no one ever considered possible, Lady GaGa has captivated a world of young people worldwide. She has totally pushed the limits in everything that is acceptable from fashion to performance, yet when you look at her, she is someone who seems pretty simple, straight forward and acceptable as a friend on a personal basis. Yet put her near a stage and invite her to perform and she totally seems to lose the plot, and through this inhabitation to be completely her own brand, regardless of your personal opinion, you cannot fault her in her dedication to shaping a place for herself in our modern world of artistic talent.

By being unique the world of art are forced to stop and either criticise or admire your abilities. For this very reason I believe that part of the way of making it in today’s world of persistent art, in the world of quality consistently setting the bench mark for acceptance and ability ever higher, and in a world where success can no longer be measured by the number of records that you sell or the number of tickets that you flog, true artistic success is found in those that challenge the boundaries of the performing arts.

I guess the real reason that I decided to write today, is that I came across a group of modern dancers/aerobacists. I mix the two for there are elements of the two combined into a complete tail and stage performance by a German theatre company that have taken a completely bizarre yet absolutely captivating and Brilliant look at the art. Soap by Chamaleon, a German production company use classical music with a completely modern take while telling an operatic story through song, dance and performance, with water, soap bubbles, dance, acrobatics and special effects. Such a fantastic use of the modern and controversial is in my view a spectacular rendition of what is possible when artistic minds think outside of the box and put imagination first and direction second. This in my humble opinion is a true mark of great entertainment and a valuable contribution of our modern world of modern art.


Come on, tell me what you think. :)

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