When enough is quite enough.

For many years now I have watched quietly as various islamic groups have raged a war against the UK in one way or another. I’ve often wondered about the complex and confusing battle and at times been lucky enough to speak to people who on the whole have been level headed, diligent and hard working individuals like you and me.

For the most part, I believe that the Muslim community are peaceful people, however I do think that they are part of an intolerant religion that has no room for accepting our fellow man come whatever religion he or she may follow. It is impossible for an islamist to accept that a Christian can be just as passionate and believe just as whole heartedly that their chosen religion is right.

It is therefore with some amazement that I have watched the latest debarkle unfold as the UK government use powers listed in the Anti Terror laws of this land to ban and outlaw the islamic group Islam4UK. The whole nation was horrified and ashamed when a group of thugs brandishing themselves as the voice of islam took to the streets in Luton and protested the return of British Soldiers from Iraq in early 2009.

Let us be honest, a large majority of the British public never wanted the Iraq war. A large number stood shoulder to shoulder with Arabs and islamists of every kind when over 2 million people took to the streets of London to protest the war, but despite the outcry of a nation, the government of the day took our nation to war. It is not the fault of the service men and woman who are tasked to do a job no one really wanted to do, but did so all the same.

So when having served their nations call to arms and having lost many of their number in doing so, why should our troops be subjected to such pure hatred and intolerance on their return home? It is disgraceful that in a day and age when men and woman who have served on the front line in harm’s way to assist a nation that may or may not have needed their help, that they should have to return home and hide in fear of reprisals from radicals that our nation allows to remain within our midst.

I would certainly agree that there is a moral argument as to whether the troops should have been there in the first place, however it is not for the troops themselves to question their orders. Army’s the world over have to carry out questionable duties, and history has shown that at times not everyone is going to agree with the decisions of the government of the day. Despite the wrongs or rights of the matter, the forces tasked to the front line have a right to be proud of their achievements and to grieve their fallen.

It is also agreeable that in war casualties will be taken on all sides, and that those whose homes fall in harm’s way will also take casualties. These casualties of war are no less profound or meaningless than those soldiers who have lost their lives in the theatre of war, and they also have a right to mourn their loss. This we fully understand and respect. In time history has also shown that humanity comes to accept that the wrongs of an era can only be put right through reconciliation. Take the losses of World War One and the holocaust of World War Two. If you’d told men and woman of that time that in 2000 men and woman of German, French, British, American, and Jewish decent, let alone the many other nationalities I fail to mention would all be stood side by side on the memorial grounds of the battles of these wars, promising to never forget, nor ever return to such a time or place, who would have believed you?

But never before in history has a sect or nationality taken residence in a country and protested against its armed forces in such a way as we see on our streets today. Such audacity and thoughtless disregard for simple respect for those who laid down their lives for a greater good is intolerable. Such hatred and lack of morality is pathetic and shameful. This type of idoicratic behaviour beggars belief at a time when we are meant to have evolved into a highly sophisticated and tolerant society. More distressing than anything else is the lack of an outcry from those within the Muslim and islamic creed that should stand up and denounce such appalling behaviour.

It amazes me that Anjem Choudary has the gall to even begin to plan such a protest as his latest gem. How dare he assume he or any person of islamic standing has the right to protest or parade in the town of Wootten Bassett. This town has become synonymous with our national sacrifice on behalf of an ungrateful people, who left to their own devices would probably have nuked themselves into oblivion along with anyone else they could successfully aim a missile at.

Nay Mr Choudary, you are sadly mistaken if you assume that while you live in a tolerant society that pays your bills, accepts your right to freedom of speech, allows and assists you to build your houses of worship, accepts that you will own most of the corner shops in the nation, and lives quietly side by side with you, that we will accept your mockery of our fallen. We are mighty proud of our troops and let any man try to put their great sacrifice to shame at his own risk.

You live in a land that welcomes you and accepts you, totally unlike you would to us. Imagine I a Christian man asked for an Islamic state to build me a Christian church in which to worship while visiting your land. Imagine I were to take up my lifestyle in the West Bank, or Syria, or Iran. What right would I have to preach Christianity from any street corner? What right would I have to sell bibles from a store in the city centre? Where would I go to find a school built and catering specifically for Christian children, or a library filled with Christian texts? No where I tell you. And nor would my desire to build or open any such facility, church, or place of worship be tolerated, allowed or accepted.

If we as the forces of Britain who successfully rid Iraq of Sadam Hussein, brought democracy and freedom to a nation that had lived under dictatorship for many years and helped elect a free and fair government decided we’d won the war and were going to parade our forces on show as the mighty and powerful overcommers and went marching through the streets of Mecca, how would you as a muslim feel?

But again nay Mr Choudary, as a people we are neither so totally wrapped up in our own importance, nor are we so insensitive as to realise that there are people who are totally and completely innocent who would be incensed by such actions. I guess that this is where a civilised society and a thug hiding in the shadows of a society draw the line of difference. You cannot call yourself a companionate man, who shows understanding and tolerance. You cannot call yourself educated and a leader of men. Nay Mr Choudary, you do not inspire or interest me.

It is this lack of respect and inappropriate action that leads to so many divisions in this land. The majority of the Asian nationalities living in the UK are good people. Yes, we accept that within every society there are bad and rotten apples. The difference it seems between most is the way that Western society names and shames its rotten eggs. We do not put up with such evil in our midst, and any such evil is cut of an ostracised from the community in a sharp fashion. I guess the lack of an outcry from within the muslim community as a whole is a large part of why we feel that the islamic religion discredits itself from within.

Overall, I have tended to try to always view this topic from both sides of the fence and have never really wanted to draw sides on the basis of a lack of understanding of a great many factors. But I think there is a right and wrong for everyone, and any society can push the limits as I believe that Mr Choudary and his group of islamist radicals have on this occasion. Ban them Mr Secretary. Ban them all. Let no such group or organisation ever be allowed in this nation.


2 comments on “When enough is quite enough.

  1. jamie says:

    very true !
    nice to see you writing again



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