A beggars hand from a Rich man’s house.

I had to giggle the other day when I heard the Arch Bishop of Canterbury had appealed to the government for money to complete a restoration process that the gothic cathedral in the centre of the historic English town. I was really charmed to think that the man that so verbally sticks his fingers into ever pie he can to muddle, mix and stir things up for the current government, thinks that now all of a sudden they are going to dip into their purse and give the most powerful institution, richest church in the world, and biggest plonker at its head 55 million pounds to carry out the much needed work to restore the building to its former glory.

My initial question to the head of the Order of the apparent Christian church of England is why and how he allowed the building to become in such a state in the first place? Surely as part of your appointment as head of the church is to learn to live not on the salary that the church pays you but by the goodness and grace of god. Maybe you should consider giving up the cherished pension plan that you cling to so dearly before insisting that the workers of this nation prop up your wealthy institution, in order that you may continue to live in your plush surroundings, while the people you are meant to tend to go without and suffer at your feet.

The next question that I ask is how does he appropriate the vast wealth of the Church of England each year? When we see so many of our local parish churches closing for lack of money, then isn’t there something wrong? Too many chiefs and not enough Indians? And what is the church doing about it? Apparently nothing, as it had to ask a government facing an election, in the midst of a recession the likes of which we have not seen since post 1945, when house repossession is at its highest in 50 years, and unemployment is at an all time high to dip its hand into the coffers to bail out the mighty organisation.

Is this not mismanagement on the scale of the Bankers? Is this not misappropriation of funds at the highest level. If seems rich for a man then of the cloth to have the audacity to have an opinion on money matters in any form, be it the management of the economy to the scandalous way in which parliamentarians have looted their expenses while labour stood in power. I have to ask myself where does this clown get off sounding off his unwanted opinion about matters of law, government and state when he is desperately in need of a bail out himself, for what I can only see as a complete shambolic state of affairs within the church itself.

No wonder people are fleeing the parish in numbers. When you stand to listen to such parody that would be fitting to a Christmas pantomime, you have to ask yourself how the church has been able to maintain any sort of credibility in the years gone by. As arch bishop of the Church of England, and arch bishop of Canterbury this man is responsible to us as the men and woman of the land for the operation of the church. What men of the cloth, the catholic, Anglican and Baptist churches don’t realise is that they are not ordained by Christ to be demy gods. They are accountable to the people for their role here on earth. The daily running of the church, its money, duties and responsibilities are given merely to them to manage on our behalf. To set themselves up as men untouchable by law and men is of this world is to put themselves on an unsteady pedestal.

It only needs for enough people to start to ask before a fall can become apparent, and it is not unheard of for the church to be a corrupt and deceitful as the world around them. In essence this idea that a mini Mafia can exist within the church is a thing of the past. It was in a bygone age that priests who abused and molested children within the church and were hidden within the rank and file of the church to avoid scandal is a thing of the past. So it the leadership of the church thinks that it can cover up the mismanagement and misappropriation of funds from the file and rank of its parishioners let them think again. I would suggest to the arch bishop that he go away and very carefully think about spouting off his mouth about funding for things that he ought well and truly to be able to pay for himself. I for one as a British tax payer am sick and tired of the likes of this man jumping on the bandwagon to get money that we have laboured long and hard to earn to pay our debts as a nation off, to see those taxes besieged and taken by those who most certainly do not deserve it.


Come on, tell me what you think. :)

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