African Connexions

Every person is born of a culture, creed, community, nationality. Every one of us is individual in that we mould and shape our own character, but we cannot change who we are, or where we originate from. Society throughout the world celebrates its ethnicity by taking pride in the differences of its culture, and national identity. Every person has a responsibility to their nation to carry the flag and spread the word about the joys of being a member of that nations population and to celebrate the good things our nations bring to society as a whole.

In today’s global market place, a small group of African people who have for whatever reason now live in the United Kingdom came together and realised that as an African living in a European environment, we are often at odds with society and culture in the UK. We realised that for an African person arriving in the UK, there is a distinct feeling of isolation and loneliness as you lose touch with everything that you find familiar. To start out in a nation with no friends, little understanding of our differences, cultures, creeds is daunting for anyone. I know people who have been in the UK for 10 years now and still feel cut off from society and alone within communities that very often don’t want foreigners around them.

African’s come to the UK for a multitude of reasons, and as an African shouldn’t we be supporting each other, rather than complaining about the issues that keep us from integrating into the British social structure? Shouldn’t we make an effort to help each other and together make life more bearable while we live in the UK.

African Connexions is a simple concept. We are a group that celebrate and advertise everything that is good about being an African abroad. Every one of us have experienced that isolation, loneliness, and depression. We’ve all had to learn to survive in an unfriendly, sometimes hostile environment, and we now believe that in coming together as a group we can bridge the gap that exists for so many of us still.

When you visit the African Connexions website first and fundamentally you’ll find its an advertising base. This for now is provided free of charge to any African Business, Charity, Shop, Club, Group, Meeting Place, Support Network, Medical Team… The list is endless. Basically if your an African entity that exists in the UK, we are offering space to advertise with links directly through to your website. (If you don’t have a website talk to us, we build them starting from £35)

But the African Connexions website is not just an advertising site. Yes we want you to be able to find things that’ll provide support networks, or African goods to remember home by, but more importantly it is a way for us to bring together events, celebrations, meetings, or just a simple pub lunch meeting where African’s living in the UK can gather, mix, meet and mingle. African Connexions is a site aimed at promoting the good things about Africa. We want to engage with you, talk to you, write about you and tell all the other African’s living in the UK what you’re doing, how great you’re group, business, event is. Our blog profiles African groups we liaise with and keeps the African community here informed about African Culture and Lifestyles in Britain.

But we are even more than that still. The African Connexions Forum is a place to register yourself, and become part of the Global UK African community. Groups, businesses, promoters, musicians, festivals, social gatherings, gardening groups, you name it, we’ll welcome it. We want to create an environment where any African can visit, spend some time, and leave informed about what is available to them, what is happening around them, and having met some people who make their time in the UK more like being just down the road from your real home.

Home is where the heart is, and for every African in the UK, African Connexions is where you’ll find your heart.

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One comment on “African Connexions

  1. Hi Rob, I think that African connections is such a brilliant concept. I think that for white Africans the problem is even more complex, chameleons that we are. Are you related to Margaret Strobel who worked at Old Mutual? I meant to ask you last time I visited your blog.

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