Africa my Precious Africa

Africa, my Precious Africa
Made of dust and sand, ripples on the waters body.
Cast of gold and diamonds, ruby’s and pearls.
Bought of blood and sweat, made of toil and war.
Africa, my Precious Africa
Your tears of heartache show the scars you mourn.

Africa, my Precious Africa
Men and woman, some fathers others mothers .
Born to poverty, Sons of the soil.
Rich in our culture, pure in your soul.
Africa, my Precious Africa
Shout your name from now till forever more.

My Precious Africa, Oh Africa
When dust storms come, the lightning strikes.
Wild and untamed, natural and unexplored.
The savannah gives way to the rocky kopje.
The land of My Precious Africa.
The roots of my home my shores.

Africa, our Precious Africa
Forget not your people, let none be forgotten.
Through words our nations have changed.
By bullet and by violence our creed formed.
Africa, our Precious Africa
Give all your people that hope of joy.

Oh Africa, yes Africa
Free and forgotten, Fraught with despair.
Your heart bleeds for the unburied child.
Your cry heard for the woman scorned.
Oh Africa, yes Africa
This is your life, your words, your story.

Our Africa, yes This Africa
Proud, Alive, Productive, Creative.
Spare not your pity upon me.
Cast not your sorrow in words.
Our Africa, Yes This Africa
Is arising, standing, forming, uniting.

For one day every African shall stand
Shoulder to Shoulder, Man to Man.
For not yet is our time, not yet at this time.
But the day shall come when all agree
Mighty Africa,

Written by R Strobel – 10/11/2009


3 comments on “Africa my Precious Africa

  1. Cool blog! Visit mine “The Eurovision Times” please:

  2. kkurokawa says:

    Your poem has touched my heart and left me as if i was in africa.

  3. I like your poem. I have a sarcastic point of view about Africa, because of the injustice within.

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