X Factor Xtreem! Conspiracy Theory?

So X Factor has its first rock week since the competition has started. Big surprise Cheryl, you voted a rocker through in boot camp and for the first time the competition has a self declared rock singer in Jamie Affro, so why is it a shock to you that there would be a rock week when your special guest star is none other than Jon Bon Jovi!!! You couldn’t exactly have him performing a guest slot on a POP Diva night could you, or am I just too far out of touch to understand the rule book of X Factor anymore?

It has been a very frustrating two weeks in watching first Miss Frank and then Rachel fall to the voters count. It’s a rather irritating trend to see the judges leave the difficult decisions to the public as they fail to be able to look credible and talented artists in the eye as they see them leave, while the dastardly duo remain in the competition week after week. What is more sad is the realisation that once again this year Louis is more interested in the boys in his category as he shows no regret or disappointment at seeing both his girl entries dismissed in the opening stages of the competition. I think it is accepted protocol now that if you’re a female in Louis Walsh’s category you’re in trouble.

It makes my stomach turn when I listen to Louis criticise the other acts on their voice, performance and quality of presentation when he knows full damn well that his last remaining group are only making the real essence of the X Factor a total farce. I did admittedly think that when Louis was away that he was the balancing act that stabilised the judging panel but I have come to realise that while there is a banter between the other judges, when it comes to Louis he really does not have any idea. To fool himself into believing that the twins would sell more albums than Danni Minogue is beyond me.

Is it just me or has Dermot O’Leary become way too big for his boots this year? Last year when my close friends and family were saying that he was too full of himself and far too touchy feely with the male contestants, I was defending him as what I believed then was the best presenter of the program, but this year, I don’t know what it is but he seems to be far too cocky and almost out of it when he’s on stage. Every night thus far he’s cocked up his words and made himself look simple on live television. Ok it is live and that takes an extremely cool character, but compare if you will Ant and Dec that even when cocking up make it seem part of the act or something worth giggling at, there are other people that I feel could be doing the program a lot more justice as the lead presenter.

It would seem that there is a growing support for Stacey as she seems to sail through the competition totally unphased by the dog fight going on around her. I can’t say I enjoyed her performance this week, but that is me being biased as she sang one of my favourite all time songs. I guess it was good, but can’t say I enjoyed it. I did however think that Rachel did a phenomenal performance of her song, another classic that I love, and she did it with a touch of class, so when it came to vote time I was stunned that Simon couldn’t draw a line under the lack less performance of our dear Lloyd.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Lloyd and think he deserves his place more than two others I can think of, but over the last two weeks he has very much looked out of his depth in this competition, cold or not, I found a bit mystifying considering that the Saturday performance was strained yes, but not through flu, and in the team performance at the beginning of the Sunday night performance he appeared ok. What I did take pride in was his attitude, and Lloyd remains a credit to adult behaviour and should be used as an example of how to handle disappointment in the public eye. I’d suggest that the teacher of the group take a close look at the 16 year old who makes you look childish when you see how he reacts and responds with such maturity and strength of character.

Danyl’s performance was a total train smash. From the sulky stroppy face, to the complete failure to perform, all because he was voted into the bottom two the week before. Hmmmm, I guess the truth was that the cocky attitude in him never believed he could be in the bottom two. He said he was shattered at the comments he’d seen on Twitter and didn’t know how much more he could take! So if he was to win, does that mean the first time the press are nasty he’s going to throw a wobbly? I really do think someone needs to take a reality check and have a close look at themselves.

Truth be told I was a little disappointed with Jamie’s song choice this week. I figured that on Rock week, he have given it a belter of a song, but it was not the case. I don’t think that did him any favours, as he kind of slips into oblivion as the likes of Lucie, Olly and Joe turn up the heat. These are the three front runners at this stage of the game now I think. While Simon might not have liked Lucie much last week, I felt she had a storming performance. Olly has been fantastic and he is an entertainer that is rising to the challenge and showing a real positive side and a likeability that I think will carry him through to the end, and then there is little Joe. He is a real dark horse. He’s got such a dynamic and fun loving character, and I love his ability to giggle at the judge’s comments and seems to be growing daily as he thrives on this experience.

From my initial expectations that this year would be one of the most amazing yet, I feel that somehow we got it wrong. Yes maybe more people than ever before are watching but I don’t think that this has proved to be such a great competition as the X Factor slides into a very average and expensive karaoke competition. Simon would probably have my job for saying that were I a member of the press world, but I really do think that the real substance of X Factor being a competition based on pure talent and real quality has taken its biggest knock yet. Not even the very annoying Chico Time made the show look this amateurish. Let’s hope that the overall outcome doesn’t totally discredit one of my favourite reality TV programs.


Come on, tell me what you think. :)

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