This and That. Nothing of any Importance.

Its been a pretty unremarkable week so far, highlighted by our on going frustrations with awaiting solicitors to pull their finger out and allow us to get on with the business of running a business. As far as word of mouth recommendations go, I’d advise anyone planning on using John Lewis in Carmarthen to seriously think twice before accepting their services. Four months down the line and they still fail to complete a tenancy agreement that will allow us to launch and operate our business. I am almost certain that they’ll have their excuses, but as they are the company whom we are waiting on, it is at their feet that my disappointment and frustration shall fall. Apparently the solicitor whom I shall refrain from mentioning has been given my name and details, but never once has he bothered to contact me to say that he is dealing with the lease, nor to even explain his delay in contacting us. If that is efficiency and dedication to customer services then you can quite simply stick it and I’ll most certainly not be singing your praises.

As far as launching a business goes, it is very much all about timing and getting it right while you can. When people get in your way and restrict the launch, maybe it is a sign that something in your plans was wrong and you need to rethink things through. Maybe your location is wrong, maybe a better opportunity awaits you around the corner. Maybe you need to rethink your strategy, maybe your marketing is not up to scratch, or the market you plan to launch in is just not ready for you. Maybe it shows a sticking pointer with the landlords or the land owner. Maybe there are problems that you are not being told about. What ever the real reasons are, it puts you in a position where you begin to think things through and begin to look at other alternatives, and maybe just maybe new doors that are better suited will open themselves to your plans. This is a process. I have come to realise that waiting for four months for a solicitor to pull his finger out and do his job right is not really such a good thing. For one no one but the solicitor is making money while you wait for the blundering fool to get around to completing the job in the first place, and two if he is unable to do the job in a satisfactory amount of time then perhaps you really need to look beyond the incapabilities of the solicitor and look at the pro’s and con’s of the business plan in that site.

Other than my moan about the failures of this firm of solicitors, it has been a pretty unremarkable and somewhat boring week. I am not really been inspired to write about anything in the way of news items, the goings on in the world, the situation in Formula 1, X Factor or much else. I guess we all go through times where we just don’t really feel like facing the world and doing what we normally do. Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs and times when we are eager to do things and times when we just really can’t be bothered. I know from talking to friends and other people around me that this is a common trend with humans, and something I can’t pretend to understand, but something I partake of and very much know is a part of my life.

It has been good to hear from a couple of people that I haven’t spoken too for a while on Facebook this week. Gillian Shanley was a peer, friend, mentor and confidant when I worked at Winterthur Life in Basingstoke during my early days in the UK. It was really great to hear from her, catch up a little and know that she is well and doing good. It was also great to hear from my cousin Heather, who I don’t speak to that much but is someone that I know is always in the wings should I need her, and she dropped me a line to pick up my spirits. Liam, a mate whom I tend to go through the wars with on a frequent basis is always there and he’s been a bug in the wind all week, but although one that irritated me somewhat, I know he’s the kind of friend that’ll always be there, when all the chips are down and my back is against the wall, he’ll still be a mate. It was great to see Jamie get back to driving this week, and a welcome break to have him pop down the office a few times through he week. I’ve enjoyed spending time talking and getting close with Barbara again, what a woman. She’s got a finger in every pie and sure makes a success of it in her own humble way. Its also really nice to know that Deidre, Michael and Jan sent good wishes and stopped by to find out how I was. To each of you, my thanks and appreciation, your friendship and loyalty means the world to me.

I was struck the other day when a friend of mine that I haven’t spoken to in ages stopped me and had a chat on Facebook. It is always nice to get a compliment about my blog and to discover that he was following it made me feel really great. So this comment is for you Guy. Thanks for taking the time to stop me and have a chat about the blog. You rock man and I am glad that you read my ramblings and stay in touch with my thoughts and life. 🙂 It was also really nice to get a compliment from Irene Dale. You guys make this blog all worth while, and hearing from you and getting your comments and support is the whole reason that I carry on blogging really. Even when I go through times I just can’t be bothered to write.

While the whole big world of blogging is still so new to me, and there is so much I still really don’t know about how to do this well, I have learnt a lot along the way. I’ve made some really great friends by blogging and have found a number of blog sites that I really enjoy following now myself. Its amazing how addictive writing can become, and it has been an enjoyable trip to take, experience to go through, and very interesting lessons to learn. Admittedly when people talk about trackbacks and things like that I still feel way out of my depth, even though I’ve read the fools guide to trackbacks. I guess something just really don’t make any sense until you actually get a break through.

I watched the X Factor this weekend with interest, but I’ll leave that article till a bit later in the week I think. I’m still in a bit of shock that the twins actually made it through week one. It was a shame really but such is the madness of the public vote. I wonder how many hours Louis spent on the phone making all those calls. LOL. Saturday on telly has become a really fantastic line up once more as ITV take centre stage with some really superb programs for the autumn. I really enjoyed watching Cilla Black on Piers Morgan’s show last night. What a woman. The sad news of Stephen Gately today was a bit of a shock, but in reality when we’ve had an earth quake, floods, another tsunami and land slides killing several thousand people in South East Asia, you have to ask yourself how someone who’s had a life of luxury, pleasure and enjoyed the bounty of fame and celebrity status should take the lime light any more than say the family who’s son was killed on the front line in Afghanistan, or the family who’s mother or father or brother is not returning home tonight as they become another statistic of the global tragedies that take place so far from our comfort zone that we are insulated from the horror and pain of the loss. My condolences go to Stephens family, but my thoughts and prayers are more with the families and loved ones that mourn a life in South East Asia tonight.

So its not much of a blog for tonight, but a bit of a mish mash. I hope your all well, and enjoying life in your own respective ways at the moment. Drop me a line or leave a comment. I love to hear from you all. 🙂


One comment on “This and That. Nothing of any Importance.

  1. Jamie Zulu says:

    hey fella glad to see you finally got round to writing another blog i started to think you would never get you inspiration back ! i have spent many hours in the office with you this week and you just havent had that usual spark of inspiration and enthusiasm i usually see in your eyes glad your starting to get stuff of your chest but it all will work its self out in the end
    see ya tomorrow

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