Pure Zim Talent

It was with pleasure that I stumbled upon what I consider to be one of the finest Zimbabwean DJ’s to break into the scene in recent years on Twitter a few weeks ago. In the few weeks that I’ve been following this special young man’s talent, I’ve spoken with a number of well established DJ’s, club owners and people in general, and everyone that listens to his beats always says one thing. “This beat Rocks!” So please allow me to introduce to you, a young DJ that I think is going to go a long, long way with his music.

Dj Macson (Robert Bruce Hobson) is a hardy young example of youth overcoming troubled backgrounds. In his early twenties, he has only ever known his homeland, Zimbabwe, as a troubled place with almost no manageable order. He has been making a name for himself since 2003, regularly djing in both public and private events, and popularly knowledgeable of the music he played, and eagerly sought out for the way he played it.
Born in The Avenues Clinic, Harare, he first emerged in this world on the 11th of November 1988. Attending first St Michael’s Prep School, then Hartmann House Secondary School, and finally St George’s College, he proved himself a keen sportsman and an avid rugby player. It was during his formative years at St George’s that, through a close group of friends, he discovered his love for and natural talent in music, which has since developed into what we hear today.

Finishing school in 2007, he left Zimbabwe to work and study in London, where he can still be found, arriving early in 2008. Within the first few weeks of arriving in the metropolitan centre, Dj Macson was already djing at a club/bar, and took part in an Advanced Dj Course at Sabbass Dj Academy. Discovering the immense competition of the London scene, he has worked hard to vastly improve his already impressive skills, and has since made his mark djing at several locations.

Early 2008 also saw Dj Macson trying for the first time to produce music professionally, and though it may not have been up to the standard he aims for, he realized skill comes with patience and determination. Taking that lesson to heart, he is now producing tracks worthy of club level, and steadily raises the bar for his own achievements.

In September of 2008, he started an Audio Engineering Course at the SAE Institute in London to further refine his knowledge and abilities. Hoping, or rather planning, to be a producer and professional Dj in the future, Dj Macson will be paving a new way through the competitive music business. Watch out for this kid in the future, he has the mark of greatness in him.

Not only is Dj Macson a regular face on the London music circuit where he plays, but a regular face in Zimbabwe where he frequently returns to, to pass his talent off to a nation starved of talent and opportunity. This success story is not unique as many Zimbabwean artists escape the strangle hold of life in Zimbabwe to present their talent to a world at large, but the sad fact is that Zimbabwe rearly gets to see them perform or enjoy or be part of their success, so I find it noble that Dj Macson makes the effort to share his progress and career with his homeland.

Today marks the release of Dj Macson’s latest remix. I got a Feeling is masterfully mixed with a whole tribute of sounds and gives a whole new energy to a tune that the world has fallen in love with. I have a feeling that this mix will be a land mark mix of a Dj who is rapidly becoming one of my favourite Clubbing Masters. In a way the release of this mix was the birthday present I was really waiting for. Dj Macson shares his music and talent with everyone who’s interested through his website which can be found at www.djmacson.com I would strongly recommend that anyone who’s interested in great music and fun, interesting mixes, then pay the site a visit. I am certain that you won’t be disappointed. I will be soon paying London a visit to listen to his skill for a night out on the town in person and will be sure to let you know what it is like to listen to Zimbabwe’s Artists entertaining London live.


2 comments on “Pure Zim Talent

  1. Rich says:

    what about his new song in the breakdown is in a minor key where as the singing is in major, sounds terrible to be perfectly honest. Any one can really make a song on a computer, plenty of software and help out there to do it to a good level. not heard his djing skills but sounds like hes quite good at it.

    just my opinion on the matter, thanks

    • Rob says:

      Hey Rich

      Thanks for ya comment. I understand that to a perfectionist it would be easy enough to spot the mistakes, and point out things that don’t quite sound right, but then again, I don’t know many people that make an effort to publish while they learn, and that is I guess the main difference here. You can hear the skill develop as he’s tunes progress, and so I guess it is constructive criticism that opens the door to get it right. Its easy to complain that be two faced about someone behind their back, it takes someone who actually has an interest to share their thoughts and be constructive so I appreciate your thoughts. Good to know what you think.


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