We Book

They say there is a novel in all of us. Possibly a nonfiction account of life as its happened to us, or possibly a science fiction action thriller set on a universe on the other side of our galaxy. It’s just a matter of learning how to extract all that imagination and put it down onto paper.

It’s certainly an interesting challenge. Not only might you become rich through the process, but there is also a chance that you might just enjoy the experience. I’ve been doing a lot of reading of late about writing, and how you go about bringing a novel from a pipe dream in the depth of your mind to the forefront of your imagination and allow the pen to do the walking as it scrawls out a dialogue on the page. It’s funny to see how differently so many authors describe the process. I guess for each of them it is a different experience, and therefore the process feels different, but be it that you write the last chapter first, or the opening credits last, it matters not really how the book is laid out, it all comes down to much the same process.

A whole lot of imagination, a mountain of hard work, a large measure of perseverance and some feeling of enjoyment. It seems obvious that the last thing you want to be doing is sitting down to write a cook book if the last thing on earth you enjoy is cookery. Far too often in life we land up in a day to day job that we despise or hate in some form, so why on earth put yourself through the misery of writing about something that you have no passion for. This I would call common sense, yet there are people out there that make a living of writing other people’s books, even when it’s about stuff that they really don’t have an inclining for, and make a rather handsome profit in doing it. I guess that is the way of the world. So many people seem to be caught up in jobs that they just don’t have the passion for. I mean take Sir Fred Goodwin. No one imagined he’d become so bored of his job that he set Lloyds TSB on course for bankruptcy. No not really, we all know that it was good old Gordon Brown leaning on Lloyds to buy HBOS that lead to the melt down at Lloyds, but the words “Just say No!” do spring to mind.
So if i were to choose what would I actually write about? Now therein lies the question. I rather fancy the idea of writing a fiction novel. Something along the lines of a Harry Potter or something similar. However the idea of formulating a plot of that size mentally seems so daunting. I mean as a reader it is so wonderful to pick up a great novel and get swept away in the action. Escapism is the word that so perfectly describes a great book in my mind. A narrative that takes you places far away from the mundane daily life of making sure there is enough money in the bank to survive the end of the month’s accounts. I recall thinking to myself when I was considering writing a book, that the last thing anyone wants to read about is someone normal. Someone with the same problems that I have, with the same mundane lifestyle that bores me and leads me to wanting to read in the first place, yet how often do we actually read about people that are exactly like us.

Yes we do have the “Drik Pitts” of the world who live a life outside of the normal expectations, but pick up any John Grisham novel and your caught up in a world of intense drama associated with people just like you and me. So how is it then that drama is built into a novel with such ease? That is the real secret of being a good writer, and I guess the only real way of learning that trait is to practice. We all have our favourite authors. I know I have a few more than a few, but that is because I love such a wide spectrum of material, and some people have a way with words that inspires me to read more of their work. So I guess I should focus on what makes them great, and try emulate their example. That would be a logical way forward I think.

I most certainly am not looking to get published at this stage. I am merely playing around with an idea I’ve had for a long time, and thinking to myself that it would be a great way to spend a couple of hours each week, sitting down and committing my ideas to paper and seeing what comes out at the other end. I have no real clue what I’d be writing about at this point in time. I’ve written short stories before, and they are fairly easy in that the idea is concise and from beginning to end its a fairly straight forward thought process. But a novel! Hmmmm. I’ve come across a website called http://www.webook.com and here is where I plan to develop and begin this whole process of putting my voice to my imagination and writing my first book. I’ll keep you all updated as I go along, hell I may even invite one or two of you to be critics of my work. My this is a new hobby in the making. We’ll certainly find out in due course.


Come on, tell me what you think. :)

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