The Lies of Gordon Brown

Never before has the British Nation regarded with such bitter distaste by the wider international community. At no time in the past 2000 years has there been more loathing for the British Politician like we see daily living here in the UK. Yes Kings and Queens have been deposed, revolted against, dispatched by the gallows even, but never has there been a more widely felt unease about British Politics since the inception of Parliament in 1707.

How is it then that the image of one of the leading super powers of the 21st century has slipped from its once hallowed place in the ranks of Empire? How does a country that once owned half the world suddenly become the bitter taste in the back of one’s throat as if swallowing a lemon. I fear that the image of a nation of people is tarnished by the brush stroke of a mere few. As the saying so rightly goes, it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the barrel. At whom then should a finger be pointed, for it is only one rotten apple that has caused the breakdown of society as we know it in the United Kingdom.

Personally I’d say that there are two who I’d be inclined to point a finger at, but I guess that as I am not British, and as I have not lived under any but two of the last British prime ministers, it is only fair that I draw my conclusion from my own experience. It is easy to point a finger when you have lived under a fools governance, for you know the fool well. Believe you me, I know this fact having grown up in an African country, and having been fooled once into believing that a leader was a good man, I am more inclined to look with my eyes open when I look at politicians.

So let me stab my finger in the direction of our glorious leader the bumbling Gordon Brown. In his first term in office, no leader of the first world has managed to isolate himself more from his constituents, the public, the party he leads, nor the world as a whole. None before him have reduced Britain to the laughing stock that it is today more effectively that Mr Gordon Brown. No one remains blind to the blatant disregard for democracy and due diligence as a leader any more. We are all aware that Gordon Brown can’t see his failure, even when the writing is in Black and White in the Times. Opinion polls for Labour have never been so low, and public opinion about our leaders must leave them wondering if they dare campaign for the next election, let alone turn up for work.

I don’t believe any government has performed as many U-Turns as our dear Gordon. From one week to the next I am sure that he never really knows which direction he should be turning. It is a frequent occurrence to hear that he has totally retracted his statement, making a completely different one days after having attempted to convince the nation of one thing or another. Is he not aware at how easily one can trash one’s credibility? Trust is earnt from being honest, diligent and steadfast. Making difficult decisions and being bold enough to explain why some decisions have to be made, even when they may seem not to be in the interests of the nation as a whole.

But this is something Gordon clearly never got taught at home. Perhaps his childhood was spent on street corners having a cheeky flagon of cider smoking pot. Something I am sure he’d emphatically deny but come on Gordon, we don’t really believe anything you say. From your very first major betrayal when you took away the right to vote in a referendum on Europe, denying every person that has earned the right to vote in the UK their constitutional right to democracy, and then being too much of a coward to even admit you were going to Europe to sign us into the next step of the alignment of European nations clearly shows that you are among the ranks of those like my former leader Robert Mugabe. Shocked that I’d compare you with him? Oh come now, it’s no wonder people like Robert Mugabe mock you with such delight when they know full well that you totally side stepped the wish of your people, denied them a democratic right, and sold them down the drain. No wonder when you stood and demanded that Robert Mugabe take heed of the national election in Zimbabwe, which clearly showed Mugabe had been removed from power by the choice of his people, that he simply followed in your footsteps and chose to ignore the will of his people. It was you that showed him the way, so we can be little surprised when he ignores your council and regards you as a hypocrite.

I recall how you lead us all to believe that an election was nigh until you realised through the national polls that you’d get your arse whipped. You ran with your tail tucked neatly between your legs, trying to tell the nation that you’d never lead anyone to believe that there was going to be a national election, a surprise and shock to your own cabinet who were in full swing planning for a national election. Bit strange that don’t you think Gordon? When you tried to convince the nation that you didn’t have a clue about Earnie Ecellstone’s donation to the Labour Party and then threw a hissy fit when the press pushed you hard on it. The Northern Rock fiasco when you wouldn’t, oh then you might, they you defiantly would not, then you just bloody well had to buy it. We all realised from the moment that the news was broken that you’d have to nationalise the bank. You just couldn’t be a leader and lead, you had to act like a prom queen, not quite sure if you should be happy or sad your date, the British Nation has just walked out on you!

The Pension fiasco that left untold millions of elderly pensioners living on the bread line, barely above poverty. Yet you flew around the world promising as many leaders as you could that we’d Make Poverty History. Who the hell do you think you’re fooling. A pensioner on a National Pension gets less money than someone who has never worked, never paid into the National Insurance Scheme and has been more likely to be involved in criminal or anti social behaviour. Yet these are the very people that build your Britain Mr Brown, and all you can do is mock them. You should be ashamed of yourself and the government you represent. Its estimated that over 2 million people live in poverty in the United Kingdom, and in these current financial woes, I can only see that figure increasing, yet it is not the wealthy that you tax. No, it’s the companies that give people a chance of employment that you tax and drive into liquidation. Don’t point the finger anywhere else Mr Brown, we aren’t blind. You stole from the pension funds. You promised to look after the elderly. You failed to meet your goals on the removal of poverty. Yet you’re incapable of apologising.

Our troops daily face a battle for survival. A battle not made any easier by your side stepping and avoidance of the truth. The truth Gordon is simple. You don’t have the money to pour into an expensive military campaign. You can’t afford to order massive amounts of military equipment that would make our soldiers lives easier. Yet your incapable of admitting this. You are so spineless that you would leave our precious men and woman on a front line that really has nothing to do with us, in harm’s way because your too afraid to stand up to pressure and remove the troops from the risks they face without the equipments we cannot provide them. I admire the Germans. They know their troops can’t take the risks that an army as well equipped as say the US can. They protect their troops by keeping them out of harm’s way. Let me ask a simple question. One that thousands of like minded people in this country ask every day. Why should we sacrifice our population in support of your war, when you can’t afford to equip them? Two of my friends are serving in Afghanistan right now, and another has just returned. I shudder and feel ill when I listen to them talking about what life is really like in the British Army. But if its Snatch Land rovers, Helicopters or just simple personal equipment, you’d rather lie to the nation and keep our troops exposed to a meaningless war in a theatre that has no respect for Britain even though we are apparently there to help them.

On the whole the British people are good people. They work hard, party hard and are just like the rest of us. Unfortunately there is a class system in the UK, and there is a sector of society that really do believe that they are better than the rest. A large chunk of these people are British Politicians, and the whole expenses fiasco clearly shows how little regard the whole establishment has for the rule of law, the feelings of the people, or the state of their country. I can honestly see why people resort to crime in the UK. Their own leaders show them the way. If the law lords can get away with it, no wonder the Tesco store manager helps himself to a boot full of groceries every week, and the security guard takes what he pleases from the stock cupboard of the premises he guards. When Police officers can kill a man going home from a protest and get away with it, no wonder a mugger kills a man on his way home from the chippy and thinks he can get away with it. If a convicted killer who brings down an airplane and kills in excess of 100 people can be released or a train robber who stole millions from our economy gets let go as he’s ill, no wonder we have the liked of Ian Huntley committing the most heinous of crimes, assuming that one day they’ll be let go.

Whether it’s on crime, education, taxation, truancy, health, child poverty, public finances, economic growth rates, domestic elections, the European treaty (aka constitution) or the most obscene distortion of all, weapons of mass destruction, almost nothing we are told seems to bear scrutiny. Gordon you’ve got it wrong. Very wrong! You’ve reduced a pillar of the World Order to a helpless laughing stock. Our closest allies are totally pissed off with us, World Leaders make every effort to avoid you, especially when you’re talking about finances. Our nation is in the worst debt it has ever been in, all the hallmarks of a nation with bad governance are knocking on our door, and you only have yourself to blame. You coveted this job, and you failed to be anything close to a leader. It remains for you to do one thing. Be man enough to step aside and let someone with a clear vision, and more ability take over the running of this proud nation. Allow us a chance to rebuild a shattered economy, a national unity, a trust in our leadership, and a place where we want to work, live and die. If you don’t I truly believe that we are headed for destruction. I’ve watched one nation fall apart under bad leadership, I really don’t fancy watching another. Mr Brown, if there is anything that you should do, its call a National Election and let us get on with it.


3 comments on “The Lies of Gordon Brown

  1. tina says:

    Rob politricks is a dirty game,be it UK or Zim orTimbuck 2 its all dirty and everyone cares for themselves 😦

  2. Mark says:

    Haven’t had much time lately to read your blog Rob, but this one certainly caught my eye and made me make the time. Great read as always Rob. Totally agree that Gordon Brown = Robert Mugabe – I’m forever saying that myself.

    • Rob says:

      Good to hear from you Mark, and thanks for stopping by. I am glad that I’m not the only one that is thinking the same thing. Good to know you agree. 🙂

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