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A while ago we started a group. A group that had a great idea, but was formed of people who were willing to do lots of talking and very put very little action behind their words. Such is the way of the 21 century world. It’s easier to change the world around a table today than to actually get out there and do it. However I tend to be the kind of person that believes if I’m going to be talking about it, then I better be ready to be doing it, and so was born Kumusha/eKhaya the Foundation. From humble beginnings three people have tirelessly put their efforts into making things slowly come together. I say slowly as each of us has our own pressing commitments that from time to time slow us down, and mean we have to throw our attention elsewhere.

Charity begins at home. I am a firm believer of this, and it is important that each of us are realistic about what we can achieve, what we can give and what we promise to provide. It is perfectly acceptable in this day and age to be honest enough to say I come first. Hell if you don’t put yourself first, please don’t think anyone else will. It is a mean old world out there and each to their own in a way. That is not to say that as a community we don’t gel, reach out and help each other, lend a hand when support is needed, and make things happen together. But I honestly believe that you can’t help someone if you need help yourself. There is a right way and a wrong way of doing everything.

As anyone who really knows me, I can hatch a business idea in seconds, think it through in a couple of days and be ready to launch in a couple of weeks. I don’t know what it is, call it a gift. Every day I sit with free time, yet another business idea is in the pipeline, lol, if only I could win the Lottery, it’d be Richard Branson stand aside please as I come charging through on my bucking bronco. Erm… ok maybe not, I’m not a massive horse fan, and would probably fall off before I got past Sir Richard. However a number of these ideas can most certainly be put towards charitable gains, and this is my intention as things pan out over the next few months. While I am very committed to my own project, a new business venture, there are viable opportunities to make a great impact through exciting and vibrant events that inspire people all over the world to get involved, brings the Zimbabwean situation to the fore front, and gets money into the places it is most needed.

So let me give you Overland Africa 2010. It’s not an original idea by any means. I am not sure it’s ever been used to raise money for Zimbabwe though. Two teams in Landrover Discovery 110’s set out from Cairo in Nov 2010 with the aim to be in Cape Town Christmas Day 2010. That’s the aim. The ambition is to raise as much money as is humanly possible between now and then to put into a Charity Drive to raise money for Zimbabwean Orphanages. It’s a well known fact that 2.1 million Zimbabwean Children desperately need someone’s help. They are not like adults in that they can’t fend for themselves, can’t work in industry, are vulnerable, exposed and without support. We know of so many organisations that are trying to help Zimbabwean Children with little or no help from outside, and in an newly launched fundraising initiative, we have asked every person that supports Kumusha/eKhaya to work with us through a pledge system.

It’s really quite a novel way of fundraising and each of us are able to do our bit to making a difference. This initiative aims to raise a million dollars over the next 24 months which will then be budgeted and placed with various organisations in Zimbabwe that specifically provide shelter, safety, education, food and health care for the children most in need. Organisations will be monitored, and be given strict measures set through a dialogue and agreement that will ensure that our efforts and donations get the maximum effect on the ground in Zimbabwe.

Overland Africa 2010 is my effort for this initiative. Working with a ground team of 12 and a backroom staff of many more, we aim to put two Landrovers on the ground in 2010 and complete our course in a maximum of six weeks. It is a trip of 6,650 miles passing through 11 countries along the way. That means each vehicle has to do a little under 200 miles each day depending on conditions, the state of the vehicles, the team and our equipment. We have to work out if we know of Zimbo’s staying in each country we aim to pass through who may be able to hold stock for us or help us along the way. It would also be nice to have teams of Zimbo’s fundraising in each country so that we can visit and thank them for their efforts personally along the way.

As well as fundraising, there is the logistics, passport controls, vehicle and equipment preparation, and so many other little odds and sods to complicate things. However I really believe that this is an opportunity for us to put Kumusha/eKhaya on the map and really make a big impact in bringing attention to our cause. We have contacted a television channel and are talking with them about recording the event for publishing when we return, and would also like to try get the help of the international press along the way. It’d be pretty amazing to meet up with BBC or CNN reports as we trek through the savannah and talk with them about our experience. Corporate sponsorship is a massive part of the exercise, as well as drumming up as much support for us as possible in Zimbabwe itself.

So yeah, if your reading this thinking wow, I could really help these guys out, then please get in touch with me. I’d welcome your support. Be it a simple fundraising cake sale, a well wisher web designer who wouldn’t mind building our website for us, someone who might be able to help us get visa’s in a particular country, or it could even be as simple as thinking to yourself, I know a couple of people who should be reading this blog, then please, shout the word. Spread it far and wide. Most of all remember that any effort, big or small we appreciate them all, no matter from whom, from where, or what ever your able to do to help. Without you we wouldn’t achive this goal. We are on a run now and the ball is starting to roll. Thanks for taking the time to read, sharing your ideas, and lending a hand if you are able.

Rob. 🙂


2 comments on “Overland Africa 2010

  1. tina says:

    thanx Rob for this noble idea,i have my thinking cap on already,if you could email me the list of countries you will be passing thru so i can start contacting people.though i wont make the trip,you have my 100% assistance in other areas of planning and might just be in cape town xmas 2010.wow.il email you how i can help soon as i have the list of countries.keep shinning son of the soil, you are awesome.can the participants be from africa too? Cause my brother would be interested he can get to Cairo.? I have some friends interested but not here let me know.x.

  2. barbara nyagomo says:

    Brilliant idea my Brother

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