Don’t Listen to what Other People Say

Thinking of starting up business? Is your idea a little strange or different from other ideas? The goal to success in business, especially when you think you have a great idea, that will give added value to the customers you serve, is personal drive and commitment. Confidence is a winner, and it distinguishes you from the crowd, so put your chin up, smile and take on the challenge.

Risk can be strange. Human nature is driven by adrenaline, and we are often caught in that effect of chasing the thrill, becoming in a sense addicted to the excitement of getting our blood pumping and enjoying that heart stopping thrill that excites us and gives us such a buzz. In truth people who are addicted to the rush often roam the world seeking that next thrill, be it a rollercoaster of surfing the mighty Zambezi River. I too have experienced this effect, know people that suffer the same affliction, and have watched people chase their dreams. We all have a different outlook on life, and I am often amazed the lengths that some people will go to meet that desire. We put our lives at risk in that strange human way, yet when it comes to something like starting out in business, our heart stops, we get cold and clammy, and run for the hills. We rely on what others think about us, our ideas, and how we look in people’s eyes. This is the strangest part of risk, as very often we choose to turn away from a great idea, procrastinate endlessly, and more often than not the chance of a life time passes us by as risk conjures up a new fear within us.

Why is it then that launching a new venture is such a worry to us? Well assume you’re really good at something. That something occupies a large part of your free time, and you are frequently searching to expand your knowledge, or improve your skill in this area. It is only natural then to assume that taking a leap from something you enjoy doing to something you do for a job, it would be natural to assume that if you chose what you enjoy and are good at as a business venture, you are on the right road. Naturally there are many things to learn about operating a business, but why waist an opportunity to take something your good at and use it to grow? Leave the confusing stuff to other people that can do it for you on your behalf. Accountants, service support, bank managers, they are all there to lend you a hand.

Secondly you need to close your ears to what other people are saying. Take no heed of their opinion, stay away from doubt and pesimisim. Remain positive. We are far to prone to accept negative advice and think things through too much. If this was true in life, you’d never buy a car, never own a home, never leave the house for fear of an accident. Every day you live you take risks, and starting out in business is no different. You will learn daily and in no time at all, you’ll be surprised at what you have accomplished and what can be done.

There is a very British program on television that inspires me every year when it comes on. Britain’s Got Talent is often described as a hallmark of British Talent and the home of people who are slightly nutty. Yes we get a lot of laughs out of some very strange people, and quite often cringe at the alarming things people call talent, but let’s just stop for one second and look at three people who I regard as inspirational people. The first and probably my favourite success story of BGT is that of George Sampson. When we first met George he was a shy little 13 year old who danced on the streets of Manchester and believed he had a shot at winning with his moves. I remember being devastated when I watched him get sent home that first year. But did he listen to what everyone said? George went away, worked hard, came back and won the heart of a nation, and very possibly the respect of a world.

George went on to win. Deservedly so. He had a belief in himself, was doing what he enjoyed in life, knew he was good, had a chance and NEVER gave up. I respect him for that, and admire his courage and skill. My next example would be Stavros Flattley. What a duo they turned out to be. I remember the day they first came on the stage wondering what disaster this would be, and how wrong I was. A father and son who loved each other enough to go out there and just have a great time, even though in reality they were crap shows us how incredibly infectious enjoyment can be. If people around you know that you enjoy what you’re doing they feed off your energy. Don’t do something because your forced to do it! Do it because you love it.

My last example is one that comes from close to home. Paul Potts, lives in the next town over from me in South Wales. I use the example of Paul as I am not a very big fan of Susan Boyle, but she is just as successful now as a result of her belief in herself. Paul’s wife was the one who downloaded the entry form and gave it to Paul to enter. She was sick of hearing him serenade the mirror in the bathroom and knew he had talent. For once in his lifetime he listened to her, even though he still had to flip a coin to eventually make the decision to post the entry form. And today? As a result of his belief, and the fact that he listened to those around him who believed and supported him, he has become a household name. You talk to people in America about Craig David and they have to ask who he is, but mention Paul Potts and he is instantly recognised as that guy with an awesome voice who sang for the queen.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Everyone looked at Susan Boyle and jumped to the conclusion that she would not be successful. They were dead wrong. If people look at your idea and doubt you or doubt that you can be successful in a down economy, they’re wrong. You are your success. Grab the opportunity by the horns, drive your success and take control of your life.

Watch this video and be inspired.


2 comments on “Don’t Listen to what Other People Say

  1. tina says:

    Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.definately never give up follow your dreams no matter what some else tell you .This is so true Rob.

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