Proudly Zimbabwean

Zim ColoursIt’s not every day that you get invited to a meeting of fellow Zimbabweans to discuss the merits of being Zimbabwean, the situation in Zimbabwe, and the way you can make a difference for your country. But it seems that there is a lot of action and activity in the Zimbabwean arena within the UK at the moment, and the good work of one organisation has spurred on the organisation of yet other organisations, and so the ball has really begun rolling here in the United Kingdom. Zimbabweans living in Diaspora have grabbed the bull by the horns and begun to realise that it is on our own that we are really going to change the future of Zimbabwe. Black, white, coloured and any other brother in the mix, have realised that there is no difference between us, we are all in the same boat, and it is only through combined integration, and a unified front that we’ll ever have any real impact on the situation in Zimbabwe.

From ideas of a co-operative banking system where people in Diaspora deposit into an investment model that then provides micro loans specifically to Zimbabwean people, to community groups that are challenging the way that British people see Zimbabweans. From charitable organisations that specifically work with sustainable development projects on the ground in Zimbabwe to education and integration projects here in the UK that insure that people living in the UK get the most out of their time here in the UK. If you are Zimbabwean then this is the time to get involved and make a difference. Yep its exciting times, as its from humble beginnings such as these that great things have come before us. Zimbabweans are beginning to empower themselves and although it has taken us a huge amount of time, the people of Zimbabwe, the 4 million of us that live outside the walls of our nation have begun to pull together and form into small groups that will one day provide the basis for us all to unite and speak with one voice.

Yes from abroad we can change the course that Zimbabwe follows. Yes from distant shores we have the power to demand a change. It is up to us to put words into action. 4 million voices throughout the world cannot be ignored. The clash and clamour of our cries cannot be abated or quashed as easily as it can within the halls of power back home. We have escaped the tyrannical clutches of dictatorship where any outcry against the state is quickly squashed with violence and intimidation. We have made it to a free world where we have an honest chance to make it known that as Zimbabweans we demand a difference. We deserve respect. We require democracy and the freedom to choose freely who rules us, who governs us, what they do and how they perform. We are the most educated people of the African continent. We have representation in British, American, Australian and other worldwide governments. We have business leadership in powerful positions throughout the international market place. Brain drain from Zimbabwe has been to the benefit of the International community yes, but let’s be realistic, it has also been very beneficial to us, for it has put us into a incredible position of power if we choose as Zimbabweans to use it.

We can influence the course of history if we realise that with one voice we are a potent arm of power in ourselves. Let’s start to talk reconciliation. Let’s begin to heal the sins of the past and leave history in its place. Yes we got it wrong. But then haven’t we all? We’ve been so bitterly arguing among ourselves as to who has the right to what, that we’ve been caught sleeping while our homeland has been hijacked. Don’t we all have the right to live and coincide peacefully side by side. Don’t we all have the right to earn enough to make going home to our family a pleasure. Yes I am talking about the same things for every man, regardless of colour or creed. It is our god given right to stand shoulder to shoulder equal and the same in the eyes of god. Therefore let me stand up and say that yes I am Proudly Zimbabwean, and I will stand with anyone who calls himself Zimbabwean and is willing to stand boldly with me and challenge tomorrows Zimbabwe to be colour blind. I will stand with any Zimbabwean who knows that any one of us has the right to call on our government and say give us fair treatment, give us the people of this nation the chance to build it strong. To make it what it once was and better. Yes let us be Zimbabweans, a people united by circumstance, brought together through loss and hardship, and welded to the cause as one voice.


One comment on “Proudly Zimbabwean

  1. Tina says:

    This is so great Rob ,you are one passionate Zimbo ..really interesting and informative.

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