My Africa is Truely an Amazing Place

Africa is truely an amazing place. Spending time watching videos and clips on You Tube and various other sites leaves me wanting to go back home so badly. It is a horrible thing to be homesick. But yet inside me I know that the Africa I left behind is gone. And so I often wonder if returning to it is for the best. I have a way of life here that is comfortable. I love what I do and get the chance to do some amazing things. Things that I know full well I’d never be able to do from Africa. But still your birth place lives inside you and you cannot get away from it.

Anyone who has ever visited Africa will know what I am talking about. The spirit of the place infects you, and there is a longing inside to always return. I guess the real question lingering in the back of my mind is would I be welcome. To most African people that is a given fact. We love meeting people and forging new friendships, but there are a chosen few for who peace and reconcilliation will never be a part of life as we know it.

But the magnetic pull of Africa can be fulfilled in other ways. Africa is a massive place to tour and visit and one day I plan to spend some quality time learning about the place I call home. My beautiful Africa.


One comment on “My Africa is Truely an Amazing Place

  1. Tina says:

    keep shinning Rob i feel you….homesick is an understatement more like cancer that is in stage 4 and theres no cure…our Africa is truely gone…eish…

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