A Tribute to a True Blessing from God.

I have really begun to love bloggin and even more than that to read other peoples blogs. It is often inspiring or very thought provoking to read about other peoples lives and see what other people think about the same things as you or feel about the things that you are passionate about. Every once in a while I come across a blog or note written by a friend about something that really interests me, and this is one of those notes that touched my heart. Not only beacuse I know the person of whom he speaks, but because of how similar I am to DJ’s own possition and his sentiments almost identically echo my own. He got there first in shouting to the world how important this person is to him, and how greatful he is that she came into his life at the moment she did. Have a read and be inspired, learn and understand why it is that we Zimbabweans are so proud to be called Zimbabwean.

“I have a habit of writing notes, a habit inherited from a friend of mine, the right Dr Alex T Magaisa. I am a music critic first and foremost. The diaspora trek however, brought out the political streak in me, but then sometimes we spend our times criticising musicians who are too rich to care (May MJ’s soul rest in Eternal Peace) or politicians, whose fat stomachs are too full to even listen to what the people who have put them in power have asked them to do. Such is the circle of life, vicious, some say.

“As the famous saying goes, Charity begins at home. In our lives we tend to look far ahead on things that are beyond us sometimes and ignore what is right next to us. We have had distant heroes in life, I will be honest and blunt here. Such is my nature, truth is my game, I am known as the “rough” one in the family circles. We have heard of Mahatma Gandhi, i never saw him, but have heard the good deeds he did. I have heard of Nelson Mandela, Im afraid, i have only seen him on television and have heard of how he spent 27 years at Robben Island and have fortunately witnessed the independence he has brought to neighbouring South Africa(my God, i have never even been there). I dont begrudge his greatness, he deserves all the credit he gets. The list is endless, I could go on and on but thats not the purpose of this note.

“Its nice to have a place of your own. Your own space, kwaunoti kumba kwako, your own sanctuary. You know you can run away, lock your doors and only a door rammer can get you out, or simply someone with a spare key. In these tough economic times, calling a locksmith is expensive so if someone does that, im sure they will be determined to get you. I have recently moved to Liverpool, a rough area they say. Certainly the scousers are not the friendliest people in Britain. They rarely smile at you or take notice. They seem pre occupied with their own worries anyway. One striking thing about their speech is that their accent is soo scouse so much that if you hear 2 Liverpudlians scousing(talking) you will think they are Polish migrants! The road to Merseyside has not been a short one. After jetting down into the promised land in 2006, i nestled in the comforts of the lush green plains of The Garden of England in Kent. Life seemed good, i was comfy, with a brother and sister to call upon and not forgetting my long time friend, who i will call the Doctor of Electronics for now. 2 weeks became two months and two months became two years. Then the recession hit. Ha, unongonzwa iwe, no place to hide, and things became tough. Thats when the amazing woman came into my life. My brother Clarence in SA had this dream of Rebuilding Zimbabwe he wanted to persue, together with his friend Suleiman. In his quest to do that, he came across the amazing woman. Within a short space of time, he having learnt of the difficult times i was in i was introduced to the amazing woman. Everything changed.

“She deplored the way i was sitting on my bum and doing nothing to sort my life out. Sometimes you become so comfortable in life, you forget, but as soon as someone nudges your back, you quickly realise. I have lived the better part of my 25 years, within the past 6 months. All i did was drift. She is amazing I tell you. She is a friend, a mother, a father, a sister all rolled in one for me. Before i knew it, I was on my way to the North. Blackburn was my first port of call. There I met a man who could also give testimony to the mazing work of this woman. In no time, I was on my way to Manchester. But then again I relaxed. She sensed it, then kicked me back into life. I have never seen someone in my life, who works so hard so that other people can have a better life and live better? we talk of our mothers, but they are bound by the duty of birth. If they dont do that, nature makes their hearts painful. What of someone, not bound by birth but by drive to see “other” people succeed and be better people? Trust me, she was not oblidged to. She would have simply folded her arms and said I did my best, like what a former friend did to me. Bound by friendship, she strives to see better. Thats a quality you dont see in many.

Whatever the woman touches turns to gold. She has a lot on her plate. A successful business to run, she is also a wife, a mother to two very very lovely and chatty lads, who she dotes on. Talk of wanting the best for your country and for your countrymen. Kumusha Ekhaya, the Zimbabwe Cultural Centre, her name pops up. The now fully fledged Rebuild Zimbabwe, she heads the UK chapter and is always pushing and pushing for better things to come. Very selfless, she does not hesitate to go out of her way to make sure everything works out in the end. She is only blessed, she has a team of dedicated people she works with. Did i hear something new? Oh yes, she and 3 other mates, have recently launched the Afro-Biz Sense network. Its main aim being to help people like me and you, realise our potential and have the drive to do what we are capable of. How nice? In between all that, she has to combine the role of mother, wife, sister, breadwinner for the family back home as well as reference point for family she has in the disapora as well as adopted sons, daughters, brothers, sisters you name it. She never tires. I have talked of heroes and what they represent. We hear names from as far ashore as the Arctic Circle, but she is my hero. I would compare her to Mother Teresa, just for what she has done for me and others.

The name of the Amazing woman is Barbra Nyagomo.

Let me open the blinds of my bedroom and prepare to downstairs to make myself a cup of tea. I might not have been here, had it not been for the Amazing woman. I could go on and on, but let me end here I believe i have said enough for you to see how amazing the woman has been to me.”

“Hand to Man, Heart to God”, William Booth DC (1829-1912) Founder and First General of The Salvation Army.

All credit to you DJ Taxi Changata. Your words humble me, and I am greatful that you have been able to put into words sentiments that I have had myself. Thank you.


2 comments on “A Tribute to a True Blessing from God.

  1. Great post chap. Provoked a lot of thought and a decent debate between us lot at work. Nice one mate. 🙂

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