Was Morgan’s trip to the West the wisest idea at this time?

Zimbabwe it seems is still in the grip of a tyrant. New reports coming out of Zimbabwe still show an alarming tendancy towards acts of violence against anyone that should speak out against the ruling Zanu PF party. The land grab continues as more and more white commercial farmers are forcably ejected from their land and still no one talks about the plight of common Zimbabweans. These are some of the areas where violence against the MDC has been taking place – Masvingo, Muzarabani, Mberengwa, Chililmanzi, Mutoko, Cashel, Shamva, and below is a commentry on the crimes against humanity that are perpetuated against Zimbabwean people by their own government.

  • Dombashawa – last week and this week soldiers from the 1 Mech Bat, ZNA have been beating up MDC people in that area. They are using iron bars and bayonets. One young man had his hand slit, between second and third fingers. His father was slashed on the head with a bayonet (requiring 6 sutures) and was stabbed in the left arm and right hand. The soldiers are in groups of 15 to 20, some in uniform, some in civilian clothing. One of the assailants said “you are MDC and your Prime Minister promised us better pay, where is it?”.  (one victim depicted in photo above)
  • Mutoko – a small group of MDC members visited the Zanu PF people in the area requesting that they return the livestock that was stolen from them last year. In most cases the ZPF people agreed, receipts were signed, with three witnesses. It was all very amicable. Now the Police are charging those MDC members with Extortion! This occurred in Ward 17. The Junta Commander Air. Comm. Bramwell Katsvairo is still in the area – he was in charge of the groups perpetrating violence and mayhem pre and post elections last year. He meets with groups of ZPF youth each night between 7pm and 10pm. During the day, these youths go around intimidating MDC members.
  • Marondera – The Prime Minister a few weeks ago held a well attended meeting in Marondera (as part of a round the country trip). Following this visit it is reported that the CIO in Marondera are saying “things are getting out of hand, we will have to tighten things up, they (MDC) must remember this is the capital of Mash East”.
  • Marondera – three white commercial farmers are being indicted to appear in court for “remaining on their farms”.
  • Odzi – A ZPF member Mike Madiro (ex Provincial chairman) this week evicted all his farm employees saying that their political allegance was dubious. They are not homeless and join the 90% unemployed.
  • Mudzi – reports from this area are that a number of MDC members houses have been burned. Police have been told they are not to attend the scene. (further investigations are being carried out by MDC members).
  • Mudzi – report today of the suspected abduction of MDC member John Sixpence from his home in Kambudzi village, Chimkoko. (Chimkoko was an area very badly affected by political violence last year).

As a Zimbabwean I have watched over the past few days as Morgan Tsvangirai has been paraded around the world as the saviour of the Zimbabwean people. I have listened in dismay with the rehtoric that has come out of his meetings in the US where he can only really be described as being a puppet of the Mugabe regime. As he paints his pitcure of a land uniting under the Government of National Unity and hold out his begging plate, one cannot help but ponder the realities of his state visits to the US and beyond.

With ethnic violence against political activists as rife within Zimbabwe as ever, one can only wonder what will become of the current situation where honest hard working Zimbabweans who can escape from Zimbabwe can apply for asylum in many contries around the world. How long will it be before governments begin returning people home having been lead to believe, or wantingly turning a blind eye as the first world so effectivly does when oil, nuclear power or natural gass are not at stake.

And one has to wonder where any aid that Morgan does get through his approach to seek aid from the West will go?!?! Far too often we have seen aid poured into Zimbabwe disappear into the big black hole of the governments coffers, only to be discovered at the other end of the world in key political players accounts. How much longer can this continue before we totally discredit ourselves beyond recovery?

And so I sit here and ponder the foolhardy rush to embrace the world beyond. Take a leaf out of the big book Morgan. Mathew Ch 25 vs 31-46.


Come on, tell me what you think. :)

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